On the first day of the 9-ball international open finals Wu Jiaqing qualified

On November 26, 2017, the finals of the CBSA Guangzhou Haizhu 9-ball International Open officially kicked off. In the four-time competition on the first day, men’s players such as Wu Jiaqing, Wang Can, and Zheng Xiaohuai completed the double-elimination rounds and obtained the right to qualify for the winning team. Female players such as Lu Bilin Amit and Baige advanced to the winning team’s qualifying round.

As the finals of the 2017 CBSA 9-Ball International Open, the prize setting of this station has been greatly improved, and the competition system has also been cancelled. The CBSA’s latest top 128 men’s and top 64 women’s players can directly compete. The finals of this station attracted masters including “Quick Fire” Kelly Fisher, Ja Siming Oschun, Lu Bilin Amit, Southton Horman, Zhang Ronglin and members of the Chinese 9-ball national team. The lineup Very powerful.

According to the schedule, the competition is divided into two stages: a double knockout and a single knockout. In the double-loss knockout round, the winning side rushed the ball. Therefore, in some of the double-loss matches that took place today, there were many results with very different scores.

Chinese Taipei player Nian Rongzhi, who once won the runner-up in the Tangshan 9-ball match, experienced a one-day double match today. In the first round, facing Lu Jinshang from Macau, China, Nian Rongzhi easily defeated his opponent with a score of 9-1 and advanced to the winning round. In the afternoon, Nian Rongzhi and Ao Hongming faced off. Both sides played 17 rounds in this game. At the last moment, Nian Rongzhi staged a lore and won the ticket to the single defeat without any risk.


Ke Binghan, the third brother of the “Three Brothers of Keshi”, also experienced two games today. After defeating Ye Junyi, also from Taipei, China in the first round 9-3, Ke Binghan faced Mi Le who was bye in the first round. Regrettably, Ke Binghan did not bring the good fortune of victory to his second game. In the end, he lost to Miller by a score of 5-9 and entered the defeat.

Tao Yingduo, a coach from Chinese Taipei, faced Hong Kong’s Robbie in the first round today. Tao Yingduo, who was once behind by a large margin in the game, reversed his opponent and passed the final moment. In the subsequent duel with Wu Jiaqing, a member of the national team, Tao Yingduo failed to stage a shocking reversal again and was defeated by a disparity of 2-9. Tomorrow, he will compete with another Chinese Taipei player Li Baixian for a place in the losing team.

On the women’s side, Chen Xue, who has recently achieved good results, met South Korean player Park Eun Ji in the first round. After 12 games, Chen Xue lost to his opponent 5-7 and entered the defeat. The white pigeon who played in the evening beat Guan Yuanyuan 7-0. Tomorrow she will face the Sichuan player Jing Jia who just killed Liu Yuchen. Zhang Xiaotong won a 7-6 win against Ren Qiuyue and faced the national team player Fu Xiaofang in the second round.

As the game progresses, the double-loss knockout round will begin tomorrow. Seed players such as Zheng Yuxuan, who just won the Hongze Station, and Shinco Women’s 9-Ball World Championship champion Chen Siming, will appear on the field one after another.

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