6 Red Ball World Championships Liang Wenbo stopped the top 8 and Fu Jiajun entered the semi-finals with the left hand of the gold

On September 7, the second stage of the 2017 6 Red Ball World Championships started in full swing. Liang Wenbo was unable to withstand the powerful firepower of Tachaia, lost 4-6 and missed the top 4. Fu Jiajun is 2-5 behind 6-5 and super reversal of Dortmund. In the semi-finals, he will face the “Golden Left” Mark Williams.


In the first round of the game earlier in the day, Liang Wenbo did not have much trouble to beat Ben Wollaston 6-3, while the host Thailand’s Tachaia narrowly beat Bingham 6-5.

In 2015, the two met in the final of the event. At that time, Tachaia won 8-2. Liang Wenbo regretted passing the championship. Now that the two met again, Liang Wenbo failed to win the turnaround.

At the beginning of the game, Tachaia squeezed Liang Wenbo out of breath with a rocket-like speed. After winning the first game, with two 50+ shots, he got a good start 3-0.

In the fourth game, Liang Wenbo finally came back to his senses, seizing the opportunity of a single stroke to get back a city with 50 points, avoiding further expansion of the points difference. However, the good times didn’t last long, and Tachaia won the fifth game with one stroke and continued to lead Liang Wenbo 4-1 for three games.

In the sixth game, Liang Wenbo 33-6 extended a thin yellow ball with a wide angle and deviated. Tachaia chased and lost the last black ball for 26-33. Liang Wenbo defensively leaked the bag, and Tachaia made a low-level error. After a few rounds, Tachaia took the black ball, and the two sides had to pass a playoff with the black ball. In the end Liang Wenbo scored a black goal and the score was 2-4.

Then Liang Wenbo steadily scored the seventh game with 53 points on a single stroke. In the eighth game, Liang Wenbo only scored 8 points to get started, and the accuracy dropped, and Tachaia won the match point 5-3. In the face of the dangerous situation, Liang Wenbo did not give up. In the ninth game, he seized the key opportunity to save a match point 58-22 when the points were very close. Reluctantly today, Tachaia was in very good condition. In the tenth game, Liang Wenbo had no chance to play the ball. Tachaia single shot 48 points to seal the victory, so Liang Wenbo stopped 4-6 in the top 8.

Hong Kong star Fu Jiajun beat Ding Junhui 6-1 in the first round earlier in the day. In the evening, he played against former world champion Dort. He trailed 2-5 and won three games in a row, dragging the game into a decisive game. Fu Jiajun showed strong psychological quality in the deciding game. He won the deciding game 34-9 and achieved a super reversal with a total score of 6-5. He will advance to the semi-finals and have a showdown with Mark Williams, the latter in the game of the day. He defeated Karen Wilson 6-3 and defeated Holt 6-2.

In the final game, McGill eliminated Gilbert 6-4, so the semi-finals of the first half will be staged between McGill and Tachaia.

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