Yan Bingtao: Turn the cocoon into a butterfly

To say who is the hottest in China’s billiards circle recently? Except for Ding Junhui, who has a stable position in the “Jianghu”, I’m afraid Yan Bingtao, a guy from Shandong.

Yan Bingtao had just celebrated his 20th birthday last month. Although he lost 5-6 to Murphy at the Snooker Welsh Open on his birthday and missed the chance to advance to the final, his performance was remarkable. In the 2019-2020 season, his results are obvious to all. It can be said that he has handed in a satisfactory answer sheet, at least very good compared to his peers in the entire snooker field. At the beginning of the season, Yan Bingtao won the Riga Masters, followed by the semi-finals of the British Championship, the semi-finals of the Welsh Open, the semi-finals of the limited time match, and the runner-up of the Players Championship. There will also be the Gibraltar Open, the Snooker Tour Championship and the end of the season Snooker World Championship. Yan Bingtao may have a bigger breakthrough.

Yan Bingtao: Turn the cocoon into a butterfly

Yan Bingtao’s personality and style of play both give people a young and mature feeling, which may be related to his early experience. Because Ding Junhui’s teenagers are famous, many teenagers who choose snooker also choose to drop out of school, taking alone as a template to success. However, the cost of raising children is very difficult for many parents. Parents are also betting on whether their children will be successful and whether they will be successful.

Yan Bingtao: Turn the cocoon into a butterfly

Yan Bingtao dropped out of school at the age of 9, his father also quit his job at the time, and the father and son studied all over the country. In order to let the children learn ball better, the father accompanies him wholeheartedly, takes care of daily life, supervises training, and the expenses are supported by his mother who stays in Shandong alone. The living and school expenses of nearly 100,000 a year have made this otherwise wealthy family feel more pressure.

Yan Bingtao: Turn the cocoon into a butterfly

Yan Bingtao has shown great talent in snooker since he was a child. He won the Zibo City Championship at the age of 11, became the Shandong Provincial Champion at the age of 12, participated in the Asian Players Tour at the age of 13, and frequently appeared in international competitions at the age of 14. Veterans with rich experience face off on the court. With the steadily rising record, Yan Bingtao is also respected and loved in more and more stadiums, but he is not only not proud, but said: “I see the gap between myself and the top players. There are too many things immature, too much. Things need to be learned.”

Yan Bingtao: Turn the cocoon into a butterfly

To learn more, start with dissatisfaction first. Yan Bingtao has a long way to go, maybe the next champion is not far ahead. Trump, who defeated Yan Bingtao in the Players Championship to win the championship, said: “Yan Bingtao’s performance is better than all other players of the same age-he may be 5 to 10 years ahead of others. It seems that he is really eager to learn and improve, so he will definitely He grows up quickly and can enjoy the game while training hard. In the next two years he will make breakthroughs and win some major championships.”

Yes, Yan Bingtao’s efforts are obvious to all. In his world, competition and training occupies almost all energy. Because he is not satisfied with the status quo, he wants to move on, he wants to improve as soon as possible through training, and close the gap between the top players. He firmly believes that strength can be improved through training, and strength alone cannot be changed.

Yan Bingtao: Turn the cocoon into a butterfly

Yan Bingtao’s current living conditions may have reached his early wishes: relying on clubs to support himself, to have a good life, and to be respected by others. Now he has achieved his initial ideas through hard training and even exceeded expectations.

As for now, be yourself and keep in good condition. After all, the cocoon turns into a butterfly!

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