During training, an 18-year-old billiard player in Hong Kong, China, unfortunately died

The bad news came from the Hong Kong Institute of Sports. Hong Kong billiard player Pan Zhengchao fainted during training in the sports institute. After rescue, he died unfortunately at the age of 18. The Hong Kong Sports Institute confirmed his death at 10 pm and expressed deep condolences for Pan Zhengchao’s death.

Pan Zhengchao has been trained in the Sports Academy since 2017 and became a full-time scholarship athlete in the Sports Academy in June this year. As an outstanding young elite athlete, he is also the third runner-up in the Hong Kong U21 snooker competition. He also won the 2017 World Under-16 Snow Won the third place in the Croatian Championships. The news of his death came out yesterday evening and was finally confirmed by the Hong Kong Snooker Association and the Hong Kong Sports Institute until nearly 10 pm. Pan’s death is a huge loss for Hong Kong and even the entire Chinese billiards industry.

Previously, Pan Zhengchao ranked 4th among the U21 athletes in Hong Kong. Since graduating from La Salle College last year, he has become a full-time athlete. In an interview, Mai Yaokai, Voluntary Secretary of the Hong Kong Snooker Association, stated that he was jogging in the physical training session with his teammates at the Hong Kong Sports Institute in Fotan today, but suddenly fainted on the way. , But died after being rescued.

Mai Yaokai stated that he has notified Pan Zhengchao’s family and will do his best to provide assistance. The sports hospital has regular physical examinations, so the cause of the incident remains to be understood.

Pan Zhengchao won the third place in the Hong Kong U21 Open in January this year, and represented Hong Kong, China in the U18 and U21 World Youth Championships in July. When he represented La Salle College in the past, he played in the student competition for the first time, defeating the former runner-up Tan Runfeng, and became famous in World War I. He has won many academic awards over the years.

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