Li Hewen and Fu Xiaofang’s meeting, image oil painting helps the top of Genting

On April 7th, Beijing time, Xingpai signed the star Fu Xiaofang and Li Hewen to the Genting Top Billiards Club on the 4th floor of Building 10 in Hefei 1912 Block to hold the second leg of the trip to Hefei. Genting Top Billiards Club is located in the prosperous area of ​​Hefei City, with a business area of ​​thousands of square meters, unique decoration style and first-class hardware equipment. It can definitely be regarded as one of the most high-end billiard clubs in Hefei and even the whole country. The economic characteristics of Hefei are described by a local saying: “Things are expensive in the west.” That is to say, the more expensive the land is to the west, the more prosperous the economy, and the higher the level of natural consumption. Therefore, Genting Top Billiards Club has naturally become one of the most high-end billiards clubs in Hefei. Coupled with perfect and thoughtful service and first-class management model, it can be regarded as a model of Hefei’s high-end billiards market.

Fu Xiaofang, Li Hewen and his team arrived at 2 pm. After accepting the interview with the local media, the wonderful performance began! The company’s special commissioner Xuhang (Bei Bei) personally took charge of the process arrangement and on-site hosting of today’s event. It was in an orderly manner and proceeded very smoothly. During the period, Fu Xiaofang and Li Hewen accepted the challenge of several fan representatives and gave detailed and funny answers to the questions raised by the fans on the spot, which drew bursts of laughter and applause off the court. Today, the two world champions once again impressed all the fans on the scene with their wonderful skills. The event lasted for 3 hours in a hot atmosphere before it came to an end.


After the event, as usual, the two stars took a group photo with each fan patiently. What’s more worth mentioning is that Mr. Sha, the founder of The Top of Genting, also spent huge sums of money to hire a master oil painter to create image oil paintings for several stars. They hung them in the most eye-catching position on the wall. The two stars left on their own oil paintings. After signing, the photos that are already lifelike have more precious value.


After these two days of activities, the enthusiasm of Hefei billiards fans and the intentions of the club operators have infected us, and also let us see the maturity and bright prospects of the Hefei billiards market. I wish that the billiards market in Hefei will be better and better under a fair competition environment, and the popularity of billiards will be higher and higher, and that it will become a leader in the development of Chinese billiards as soon as possible.

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