Trump visited Zibo Shangrao, Tianjin to interact on 13-15

With the approach of the Wuxi Classic, the world’s snooker masters have successively arrived in China, and the Xingpai super-luxury lineup star group has also begun a new round of promotion activities. It is reported that Trump will fly to Beijing on the morning of June 13 and will launch a series of interactive activities. The following is the schedule for the holding.

On June 13, Tianjin Yunmengze Billiards Club, located in the Aocheng Commercial Plaza (near Jinyi Studios), Binshui West Road, Nankai District, Tel: 022-58113888, expected to start at 6:30;

On June 14, Zibo City A8 Billiards Club (see the address below), it is expected to start at 4:30 pm;

On June 15, Shangrao City Night Fashion Billiards Club, the address is at Huijing Square Night Fashion Billiards flagship store, No. 8 Phoenix Avenue, Xinzhou District. It is expected to start at 8pm.

At that time, the young special will visit various billiard clubs to interact with fans on the spot. Lucky fans will also have the opportunity to compete with the world’s first PK game. Autographs and group photos are required. How can you miss the opportunity to get in touch with snooker superstars?

Trump will arrive at Zibo A8 Snooker Club on June 14, 2013 to participate in the interaction and kick off the club’s game. The champion and runner-up of the competition will not only receive generous bonuses, but also a certificate and trophy specially signed by Trump. The address of A8 Billiards Club is West of 4th Floor, Diamond Business Building, West Communist Youth League Road, Zhangdian District, Zibo City, Shandong Province (right south of People’s Park). Consultation telephone: 0533-2316888, 15053331102, 18678130999, contact person: Xiang Ming.

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