For a long time in the battle, Fu Xiaofang is not busy practicing Chinese billiards 9 balls can complement each other

On May 23, 2012, the first “Xingpai Cup” National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament kicked off in Zhengzhou. As the only authoritative and formal Chinese billiards game approved by the China Billiards Association, the score has attracted many 9-ball masters, including the national team player Fu Xiaofang. However, Fu Xiaofang, who has been in the battle for a long time, is not very much in his heart. There is no bottom, even though there is a bye in the first round, Fu Xiaofang still came to the arena, hoping to find a chance to practice.

As we all know, all the players in northern China, regardless of whether they are currently attacking snooker or 9 goals, will definitely have Chinese billiard skills before. Therefore, the 9-ball world champion and national team player Fu Xiaofang’s participation is not surprising. Fu Xiaofang was very excited about the holding of the first National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament. “I started playing Chinese billiards when I first came into contact with billiards. However, there has been no formal national competition in China before. Since 2006, I started to specialize in 9 I rarely play Chinese billiards anymore. But now that there are regular matches like the National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, I am of course willing to participate in Chinese billiards again, and I hope I can play a good performance.”

In addition to returning to the Chinese billiards arena, there is one thing that excites Fu Xiaofang, and that is to be able to play at his own door. Fu Xiaofang is from Lankao, Henan. In recent years, Fu Xiaofang has been in various venues. Family friends and friends gather less and more. Zhengzhou, where the National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament is held, can be regarded as half of Fu Xiaofang’s home court. The opportunity to get together with family and friends is extremely rare. As long as she sees Fu Xiaofang appear, she is always with her family and friends, which makes Fu Xiaofang very happy.

“This time I competed with the mentality of going home. Many friends knew that I was playing in Zhengzhou. They all arranged time specially to accompany me and watch my game. I hope my performance will satisfy them.” Xiaofang said.

In 2012, various competitions emerged in endlessly. 9-ball competitions and Chinese-style billiards competitions alternated. If you want to play more games, you must switch between the two sports. However, in Fu Xiaofang’s view, 9-ball and Chinese-style billiards are not only not Conflicts can complement each other. “Most of the North 9 players started with Chinese billiards. Chinese billiards have created a solid basic skill for us. I also came from the alternation of 9 ball and Chinese billiards. After playing Chinese billiards. If I play 9 more balls, my stability and accuracy will be higher. After 9 balls, I will play Chinese billiards. My positioning, defense and consciousness will be better. These two sports can complement each other. I will play more this year. I believe the game of Chinese billiards will improve me.” Fu Xiaofang said

Having said that, Fu Xiaofang, who has been missing from the battlefield for a long time, still feels a little unsure before the start of the game. In the first round of the game, Fu Xiaofang was drawn to a bye. According to the schedule, Fu Xiaofang could have a rest all day, but just after noon, Fu Xiaofang rushed to the arena and wanted to practice. It’s a pity that the popularity of Chinese billiards registration this time exceeded expectations. All tables in the court were used for the competition. Fu Xiaofang could only leave the arena after turning a lap. “There are many players in the competition, which is a good thing. I only I can go to other places to practice.” Fu Xiaofang said.

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