Perfect closing! Nearly 40 world champions’ billiards pinnacle battle established the international status of Chinese billiards

On March 20th, China? Shangrao? Yushan 2016 CBSA “Shangling Elevator” Cup Chinese Billiards World Championship successfully concluded at No. 1 Middle School Gymnasium. More than 360 players from 30 countries around the world staged a wonderful eight-day battle here. In the end, Chinese players Shi Hanqing and Chen Siming won the men’s and women’s championships, bringing a successful conclusion to the second Chinese Billiards World Championship.

It is reported that this tournament has been strongly supported by the three major world billiard organizations of the World Pool Association (WPA), the International Billiards Federation (IBSF) and the World Professional Billiards Federation (WPBSA). It is included in the international tournament system and has WPA points. The total prize money of the event is as high as more than 3 million yuan, which will play a key role in the popularization and promotion of Chinese billiards in the world. Snooker masters led by Ding Junhui, Ebelton and other world pool masters, as well as Chinese billiards masters actively participated, and accelerated the internationalization of Chinese billiards while enhancing the visibility of the game.

This is a battle for the pinnacle of billiards and three stars

Nearly 40 world champions sounded the assembly call for the Chinese Billiards World Championship. The Chinese Billiards World Championship is the only event in the world where world champion players in the field of snooker and fancy pool and the top players in the Chinese billiards world can compete on the same platform. It can be called the “Crown” in the world of billiards.

This competition attracted 184 international players, bringing together many billiards and three stern stars, and more than 30 world champions rushing to the peak of billiards. There were 7 world champions in the qualifiers alone, including Chris Merlin and Darren Pizzi from the United Kingdom, Zhang Yulong and Zhang Ronglin from Taiwan, Lee Van Gedissa from the Philippines, and Soston from Germany. Homan has won world championships in their respective fields, as well as the first women’s champion white pigeon in the world championships.

There are even more champion players who are directly promoted. “Chinese billiards brother” Ding Junhui, snooker stars Higgins, Williams, Robertson, Trump, Graeme Dott have won many world championships, won 10 consecutive world championships, 9 Ko Bingyi, the champion of three international events in the World Championships and Doubles World Cup, professional pool champion Ke Bingzhong, world champions Li Hewen, Liu Haitao, Zheng Yuxuan, and Xie Jiazhen in the nine-ball field, and women’s nine-ball champions Jin Jiaying, Emmett, Chen Siming, Han Yu, etc. Joining the Chinese Billiards World Championships, the stars are shining, and they will jointly perform the peak battle of the billiards industry.

The first Chinese Billiards World Championship champion Abelton admitted that “this year’s event is difficult to play.” From the beginning of the race to the final, a total of more than 20 deciding rounds were played. The exciting competition is unpredictable and it is destined to be a difficult one. The battle for promotion.

This is a battle of honor for Chinese players

With the success of the first Chinese Billiards World Championships, Chinese billiards’ international status is increasing day by day, and its popularity and participation are increasing. For every athlete struggling in Chinese courts, they want to use a world champion and put their own The name is written on the honor book of Chinese billiards. This battle is the pinnacle of international players, and it is also a battle of honor for Chinese players.

The fierce competition unfolded among 360 players. The eye-catching Snooker Corps was upset on the first day of the race. The snooker masters led by Ding Junhui and Trump were almost wiped out. The Chinese players were placed high hopes. . Judging from the men’s advancement to the top 16 list, Chinese players occupy 10 seats, and the top 8 Chinese players account for 6 seats; while the women’s top 4 Chinese players account for 3 seats. Compared with the dismal performance of the Chinese players last year, “feeling hot “Become synonymous with Chinese players this year.

Among the Chinese players, the post-90s teenager Li Bo performed very eye-catchingly. In the first stage of the race, he defeated Li Zisen and Li Yan 9-3 and 9-4 respectively, and defeated the Chinese player Wang 13-5 in the first round. Yan, defeated Chinese Taipei player Zhang Ronglin to advance to the quarterfinals with a score of 13-6. In the semifinals, he defeated the national team veteran Liu Haitao 13-12; in the semifinals, he met Mike Hill, the biggest dark horse of this year. The start was unfavorable, and Hill scored 8 points in various ways such as clearing, clearing, and clearing Taiwan. The four consecutive rounds against the trend made the audience hooked. Although it was ultimately lost, it did not lose the Chinese billiards style.

This is a global battle of Chinese billiards

Ding Junhui’s participation is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of this tournament. Although the first show encountered a round trip, Ding Junhui said, “This tournament can further promote Chinese billiards to the world and attract more and more international players to participate. It is worth furthering. Promotion. Snooker players have come to try the fun of Chinese billiards. In fact, for us, fun is far more important than winning.” Although he regrets leaving, he hopes that Chinese billiards will be known by more people.

In fact, this tournament has established the status of Chinese billiards in the world billiards in terms of scale, influence and international level.

At the end of 2015, the Yushan County Government and Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. signed a 2016-2019 cooperation agreement. In the next 4 years, the two sides will hold a Chinese Billiard World Championship every year. Held for 5 consecutive years, it provides a solid platform for the popularization and international development of Chinese billiards, and clarifies the direction of Chinese billiards to the world.

The status of Chinese billiards in the global billiards operating system has continued to rise, gradually forming a three-legged situation of Chinese billiards, snooker and American nine-ball. The continuous holding of the World Championships has brought the world’s billiards industry’s attention to China, giving China’s billiards industry a new opportunity for development. The quality of Chinese billiards has been improved, and a brilliant tomorrow will soon be ushered in.

For this, the world’s three major billiard associations have given strong support and high recognition. Ian Anderson, chairman of the World Pool Association, believes that Chinese-style billiards with China’s independent intellectual property rights are becoming more and more popular among the world’s billiards. The Chinese-style billiards World Championship has broad prospects and fresh vitality, laying a foundation for the promotion of Chinese-style billiards. High starting point. He said: “Chinese billiards are now out of China and promoted around the world. This is vital to the development of the entire world billiard industry. I have full confidence in the future of Chinese billiards.”

International Billiards Federation Vice Chairman Maxim said that Chinese billiards are developed on the basis of snooker and American billiards. It is a billiard sport with Chinese characteristics. The Chinese Billiards World Championships can let the world understand the charm of Chinese billiards.

With the promotion of competitions, more and more people are exposed to Chinese billiards. Players from Singapore, the Philippines and Chinese Taipei said that although they made their debut in Chinese billiards, they were fascinated by their style of play and hope to go back and continue to practice. Chinese Taipei player Zhong Qiande revealed to reporters that although the number of Chinese billiards in Taiwan is small, some ballrooms have begun to introduce Chinese billiard tables. The player with a 20-year 9-ball career even stated that the World Championships have surpassed certain 9-ball events in terms of scale, tournament organization, and bonuses. The future of Chinese billiards is unlimited.

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