Chairman of the World Snooker Association: Chinese billiards have great potential for global promotion

The 2016 CBSA “Shangling Elevator” Cup Chinese Billiards World Championship will officially start on March 13th in Yushan, Jiangxi. As the world’s top billiards tournament, the Chinese Billiards World Championship has received the full support of the world’s three major billiard associations. Regarding the development and future of Chinese billiards and the World Snooker Championships, Jason Ferguson, Chairman of the World Snooker Association, elaborated a series of views.

[Chinese billiards are more difficult than American billiards, and it is difficult for snooker players to get off their shots]

Chinese billiards are the main force in the international billiards sport, with endless development potential. Ferguson has stated many times that Chinese billiards is a kind of billiards sport that combines entertainment and technology, suitable and worthy of global promotion. “Chinese billiards are more difficult than American billiards, and snooker players will also be at a loss in the Chinese billiards arena.

“Chinese billiards have a small pocket, so the control of the cue ball is more demanding, and players must concentrate on it.” Ferguson said that Chinese billiards are more challenging than American billiards and snooker players. However, snooker’s technology can also be well applied to the Chinese billiards arena. Selby often used snooker’s technology to make safety balls at the first World Billiards Championships.

Chinese billiards are highly challenging and require high billiards skills. More and more snooker players fall in love with this “pain and happy” billiard sport.

【Global promotion has potential, competition format becomes the key】

Ferguson is confident that Chinese billiards will become an international billiards sport that is as famous as snooker and American billiards. As the chairman of the World Snooker Association, he also put forward his own opinions for the promotion of Chinese billiards. “Chinese billiards is very worthy of worldwide promotion. However, the biggest difficulty may be how to engrave the rules of Chinese billiards in the minds of spectators. One of the important reasons why snooker can become popular in the world is that spectators treat their rules. Very familiar.”

For the promotion of any sporting event, the unification of the competition system and rules is very important. Eight ball has a very strong mass foundation in many countries. As long as it is slightly unified, Chinese billiards will become popular all over the world.

[The three major Taiwan Associations fully support, and large-scale competitions help]

Regarding the promotion and support of Chinese billiards, Ferguson also said that he will do his best to promote the rise and development of Chinese billiards. “I believe that one day, Chinese billiards will also become an event in the Asian Games and even the Olympic Games, and we will do our best to fight for it.”

The promotion of today’s sports needs the support of top sports events, especially comprehensive events such as the Olympics. Because of the high degree of attention and participation of the event, people are more motivated to join the sport, and the promotion of the sport will be wider and faster.

Chinese billiards World Championship is the basic platform for Chinese billiards to enter the world. With the strong support of the three major international billiards associations and the efforts of the world-renowned billiard table brand-Xingpai, the internationalization of Chinese billiards is bound to become brighter.

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