Yan Bingtao returns to the place where his dream set sail: take this as a new starting point

Xingpai pool table. In the just-concluded World Snooker Riga Masters, Chinese player Yan Bingtao, with his outstanding performance, won his first ranking championship trophy in the fourth season of the professional competition. On July 31st, Yan Bingtao, who returned with honours, returned to the CBSA World Snooker Academy and returned to the place where he dreamed of setting sail.

Yan Bingtao can be said to be a representative figure among the new generation of snooker players in China. In 2014, Yan Bingtao came to the CBSA World Snooker Academy. After systematic training, his competitive level and performance have been greatly improved. In 2016, Yan Bingtao set sail from here and boarded the world snooker professional stage.

Yan Bingtao, who made his professional debut, broke into the semi-finals many times. In 2017, he reached the final of the Northern Ireland Open for the first time, but unfortunately he eventually lost to World Championship champion Mark Williams and returned home unfailingly. After experiencing the downturn of last season, Yan Bingtao kicked off his new season with his first ranking championship trophy.

“To be honest, I didn’t expect that I would win this game.” Yan Bingtao said, “Because it was the beginning of the season, I thought I could win one by one. After that, I will see the rest. Looking at my own state and feeling, I gradually have a bottom line in my heart.”

As the first batch of professional players exported by CBSA World Snooker Academy, Yan Bingtao set out from here in 2016 and started his career. In an interview before departure, Yan Bingtao encouraged himself with the words “not forgetting the original intention”.

“This is my fourth season in the professional competition. I have experienced good and bad experiences during this period.” Yan Bingtao said. At the low point, he also experienced the process of being bored with snooker, but he was very tired of Snooker. K’s love, let him

persisted. “In general, the career path is fairly stable, and I haven’t experienced any big storms. Facing the intensive schedule of professional tournaments and heavy pressure, I slowly adapted to it and survived.”

Yan Bingtao said that his growth and achievements are inseparable from the support and training of the Chinese Billiards Association and the academy. “Thanks to the Chinese Billiards Association and the academy for creating such a good training and growth environment for young players like us. I think we are here. The first generation is fortunate and has made many detours.”

Yan Bingtao told reporters that in his heart, the college is like his own home, a haven for rest and adjustment. “Although I have embarked on a career path, I always come here to train every time I return to China. The hardware conditions of the college are good.

On the one hand, on the other hand, the coach here can give me targeted guidance according to my situation, find out my technical and psychological problems, and make positive adjustments to me. ”

After winning the first title in the rankings, Yan Bingtao returned to the CBSA World Snooker Academy and returned to the place where he dreamed of setting sail. “I started my career here three years ago, and now I want to use this as a new starting point.”

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