Tickets for the “2014 Chinese Billiards China Open” and “Sino-American Billiards Grand Invitation Tournament” are on sale nationwide

On September 15, 2014, the first highest-level Chinese billiards event “2014 CBSA Chinese Billiards China Open” and China’s most colorful “Sino-American British Billiards Grand Invitation” will kick off at Changchun University of Technology. The opening ceremony and Tickets for the competition are on sale, and ( is the official ticketing agency for the competition. World snooker mysterious superstar and nine-ball queen Pan Xiaoting, nine-ball queen Jin Jiaying, national billiard player Li Hewen and nine-ball princess Han Yu were all present to help stage the “Sino-American-British Billiard Grand Invitational”. The ultimate charm of Chinese billiards.

At the opening ceremony held on September 15th, the organizing committee of the star tournament invited the world-class mysterious snooker superstar and nine-ball queen Pan Xiaoting, nine-ball queen Jin Jiaying, billiards national player Li Hewen and nine-ball princess Han Yu to help out. , Staged the “Sino-American British Billiards Grand Invitational” where the six world billiards champions compete on the same stage, and the queen Pan Xiaoting, who has just published the new book “Stop in the Best Time”, will also present a once-in-a-lifetime mysterious surprise to the audience. The audience will also interact closely with the six major billiards stars and have the opportunity to draw a prize of 10,000 yuan. The Chinese-style billiards game, which has repeatedly set high ratings on the iQiyi network, will definitely bring you an extraordinary live viewing experience and the most colorful billiard feast in China so far.

China Chinese Billiards Open is currently the highest-level Chinese billiards event in my country. Players in this event are from the top 8 of the Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament Qualifying Tour, Tangshan Station and Xi’an Station. A total of 16 national top players participated. In addition, in the wild card session, there will be a qualifier for female professional players, which will eventually form a Chinese golden billiard team composed of 16 male players and 16 female players. The peak battle will be launched from the 15th to the 20th to fully demonstrate Chinese billiards. The Open is the ultimate charm of the highest-level Chinese billiards tournament in China.

September 15th, the top event of Chinese billiards, gathered world champions, presented the king style, and enjoyed the most beautiful scenery of Chinese billiards.

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