Teacher Huo plays health-preserving Chinese billiards unmatched in the World Championships, can he win the championship again?

13-11 victory over popular Sydney equipment “Neil Robertson” and “Rocket” Ronnie O’Sali won the 2019 Snooker Billiards Tour Open Championship, and 36 ranked championships, chasing Tie the “Billiard King” Stephen Hendry’s 36 championship record. However, O’Sullivan’s overall goal is not only here, the next World Championships, 37 crowns across Hendry, is considered his greater enjoyment. !

After winning the championship, O’Sullivan looked forward to the World Championships that will just start in April: “I am not a person who loves to play tournaments. The World Championships is a championship that you must win as a snooker football player. Good luck. The thing is that I have won 5 times. I think I can win a championship every season. For one thing, signing up for 9 competitions and 7 finals is really unbelievable. It’s not that I am a greedy person. People who want to fight well, want to fight brilliantly, it is very important.”

Football fans complained: “I don’t like to play matches, but I go to the finals if I play matches. I have to win. Teacher Huo will take home the championship of the British Championships next time. The next time I say that playing matches is boring. I want to enjoy life. I’m sorry you guys, I won again, everyone must be diligent.”

In fact, O’Sullivan is right. For many seasons so far, he has been playing healthy and healthy billiards. He discarded tournaments that were not highly rewarded and well-known, such as the previous Champions League and single limitations. He gave up all competitions such as the seasons, the Indian Open, and the San Marino League.

But in real events with high rewards and great popularity, he has selected the games and won the domineering side of the game. For example, the Shanghai Masters, such as the Championship, the English Championship, the Football Players Open, and the Main Performance Series Open. He not only competed, but also won the championship.

With 36 ranking championships and 5 World Championship championships, O’Sullivan has long been sufficient and extreme! Although O’Sullivan has always paid attention to his own record, he has no reason to deal with all kinds of strong enemies and the situation is booming. Go all out to defeat the enemy and win the championship for the sixth time in the World Championships?

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