The Rockets’ 75 legend is still in the cold, and the wizard Jin’s left hand teaches two Chinese players

On October 30th, Beijing time, the 2017 National Snooker Championship continued to compete in the first round. In the evening, 75 three masters appeared at the same time. When O’Sullivan was knocked out of the game after 1-6 by 00, the teenager Yan Bingtao, Higgins and Williams successfully defended the dignity of the 75 legend and taught the other two Chinese players a good lesson. In the second round, Higgins will face “Astronaut” Dale, and Williams is waiting for a Welsh Civil War against Ryan Day.


Like O’Sullivan, John Higgins also won his 29th ranked championship this season, only one month ahead of the Rockets. It is worth mentioning that that night, all the 75 Sanjie faced Chinese players. Among them, the opponent of the Scottish wizard is the 23-year-old Niu Zhuang who has just transitioned into his career this year.

In the postponement of last night, Higgins has tried his skills, blasting a 100-shot and four-shot 50+, beating Slyther 6-1. Today’s Niu Zhuang also poses no threat to Higgins, who is very loud. After the start of the game, Higgins scored 2-0 with 57 and 66 points in a single stroke to start the game well. Niu Zhuang made several 89-0 wins, but this became his only highlight in this game.

The next four world champions expanded their advantage all the way, winning the fourth game 63-1 and closing the fifth game 64-10. Niu Zhuang did not show any signs of improvement in the remaining time. Higgins, who is getting better and better, scored 83 and 98 points in a single stroke and then ushered in his second big game in this national championship with a total score of 6-1. Win and advance strongly to the top 32. In the second round, Higgins, who was crowned champion at the 2015 National Championships, will face Dell. The Astros eliminated Wollaston 6-3 in the game of the day.


The match between Mark Williams and Yu Delu was thrilling. In the first six innings, Williams had received the match point 5-1 early, during which time Kim completed a single shot with 70 points, 50 points, 73 points and 82 points with his left hand.

In the face of a dangerous situation, Yu Delu, who broke into the top 4 of the Scottish Open last year, launched a Jedi counterattack, chasing three cities to reduce the score to 4-5, only one game. However, Yu Delu failed to take advantage of the victory, and both of them were very cautious in the tenth game, resulting in very fragmented scoring. In the end, Williams seized the key opportunity to win the game 58-22. In this way, Williams defeated Delu with a total score of 6-4 and advanced to the top 32. He will face Ryan Day in the Welsh Civil War. under.

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