Hearn’s new policy was suddenly denied, Perry called a “bad decision”

Xingpai pool table. Barry Hearn, the founder of the Global Snooker Research Association, previously clearly proposed to open a new game for amateur players to decide who can be qualified to sign up for the post series. But as soon as this idea was released, it encountered obvious resistance on social networks.

The Challenge Tour, which just started in the new season, is a professional competition for amateurs. The top two contestants in the final ranking can get the qualifications for the post series competition for two seasons. And Hearn’s new idea is that after all 10 races are over, the top 16 contestants will play an open competition, and the final champion will be able to enter the post series.

After Hearn made this suggestion of his own, he immediately suffered obvious resistance from football players and football fans. Many

People think that this approach will encourage some technically ordinary amateur players to get the chance to enter the post series by chance, and this is something Hearn himself has been resisting.

Northern Ireland general Marco Allen was the first to stand out to resist. He said: “This is very chilling for amateur snooker players.” Joe Perry even immediately called it. As “bad decision.”

In addition, many amateur players also competed against Hearn’s proposal to express resistance. For Hearn, he had no choice but to express that he would reconsider the feasibility analysis of this matter.

Many contestants are not concerned about the issue of ranking the top 16 contestants to start an open competition after the trial series is over. It is just that these contestants based on the diligent ranking precedent still have contestants who are ranked lower. The probability of taking away the qualifications of the post series competition. Everyone widely believes that it is more effective to compete for an additional qualification based on this additional competition, provided that the top 2 contestants are guaranteed to enter the post series.

The    Trial Series was held at the beginning of the new season, dedicated to improving the standards of the amateur snooker players. Brandon Sajiant and Peter Grace from the United States are the top two contestants after the end of the season. They have already obtained the qualifications for the post series competition in the next two seasons.

The trial series of the 2019/20 season will still maintain a total of 10 races, of which 6 will be held in the United States and 4 will be held in other countries in Europe. Each contestant will present a prize of 10,000 Euros.

But the total number of players in the trial series in the new season is far below the initial estimate. This may be related to the fact that the players must be the most advanced to QSchool to be qualified to apply.

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