Ding Junhui and others are absent, Rockets first battle against Scottish veteran

On February 13th, the draw for the 2020 Snooker Single Limited Time Tournament came out today. O’Sullivan, who has re-entered after 5 years, will face McManus, Robertson and Trull who are older than him in the first round. Mpu did not sign up for the competition at this station.

Single limited time match is the most special one of snooker’s competitions throughout the year. Each round is one game to determine the winner, and there is a time limit for players to stroke. Since a few years ago, this competition has been promoted to an official ranking competition, which has greatly increased its appeal. Several players have won their first ranking matches here.

O’Sullivan last participated in 2015. Although he said that he liked the format of the game, he never appeared again. I don’t know what the Rockets are doing this year, so I signed up for the event again. The draw showed that he will face Scottish veteran McManus who is 4 years older than him in the first round.

This year’s single-time limited-time tournament has another more attractive feature. Together with the European Masters, the German Masters and the Gibraltar Open, it forms a “European Series”. The player with the highest prize money in these 4 competitions. You can get an extra £150,000 bonus. At present, Robertson has won 1 championship and 1 second in the European Masters and the German Masters, and the prize money is far ahead. However, he did not secure the top spot in the money list. After Trump won the German Masters, if he can win the next two races, he still has a chance to surpass Robertson.

But the draw shows that neither of them has signed up for the competition, and Ding Junhui and Higgins are also absent. However, there are still many TOPs who choose to participate. There are no seeds for this competition, and all 128 players are drawn. Some of the focus matches in the first round are: Mark Williams vs. Brecher; Dortmund vs. Bingham; Allen vs. Luo Honghao; Murphy vs. Sirani; Selby vs. Akani.

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