147 Is the system reform progressing or downhill? Hearn is scheduled to be trained this time

Hearn, who was “attacked” in boxing on May 1, 2019, hid in Kerbourg to hold the quarter-end National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. The press conference has been dragged on for nearly a week. After a three-year absence, the old lady He gave to the football players. I drew a million-pound scones, and this time it was even more ruthless. The scones are the moon in the mirror. Even if the flowers are in the water, they still make the football players tasteless. It is a pity that they can be taken away. Mrs. He announced that next season, the 147th test will be awarded with a full score of one million pounds. Ouch, one million pounds!!! That’s not ten times the current 100,000! Don’t worry, after hearing the words of the old lady, it takes 20 strokes in a season to score the million pounds. Forget it. You can only score so many shots in the year of the monkey, so let’s just earn the prize pool safely and steadily. I’m anxious again. After listening to what Mrs. He has said, now the reward for Jinchi will be “dismantled” by Mrs. He next season, no more. Which? The 147 prize for a 5,000 fat man was not given by the old man. It was not that he had been exhausted for eight seasons and returned to the beginning of liberation (nine years ago)? That’s right, that’s it. Next season, the football player’s impact 147 will not ask me how much the referee’s 147 reward is. Asking it is all for nothing. The referees all receive the edict from the old man He, and the unified response is 1 million pounds. Understand, just tell you, it is 1 plus 6 0s.

Hearn succeeded the current chairman of Global Snooker Co., Ltd. The first season of 2010/2011 season, in order to use relatively limited assets as an increased reward for small and medium ranking competitions. He inherited 147 points in all competitions. The pole prize was cancelled, and only the single-stroke full score prize for each event was saved. The move of Mr. He suffered obvious resistance from elite football players led by “Rocket” O’Sullivan and “Golden Right” Williams.

In the third round of the “Rocket” O’Sullivan and Marco King match of the Global League on September 20, 2010, O’Sullivan slowed down several times to ask the judge in the third round, which was the last round of the match. How much is Yang Mohas’s 147 bonus? When he learned that there was no bonus, he had played 15 sets of red and black balls and cleared the first 5 colored balls. When the single shot continued to score 140 points, O’Sullivan gave up. Hit the final black ball, waved with Marco Jin, finished the match and prepared in advance for the “Dahdi 140 Club Team”. The referee Yang Mohas really couldn’t bear to watch it. He was kind to persuade O’Sullivan to watch. The audience’s emotions finally hit a black ball, and O’Sullivan made his 10th career development test with a perfect score of 147.

After being bombarded by football players by the news media for a season, the old man He could only listen to the voice of the people in the 2011/2012 season, repaired the 147 test score rewards in the ranked points competition, and chose a brand-new upgrade of the bonus rollover accumulation rules. Since July 2011, there have been three gold flipping pools for full score awards. They are the large and medium ranking competitions, the large and medium ranking qualifiers and the European series (including the finals).

The Asian regional series just opened in the 2012/2013 season, from the 2014/2015 season AT2 Reynday produced the first shot of the Asian regional series 147 out of score, and just started the Asian regional series test full score bonus gold flip pool, and Back to the beginning of the season AT1.

In other words, from the 2014/2015 season with ranking points (now the bonus points rules), there are a total of four test score bonus rollover pools.

Football players who scored a full score of 147 in the large and medium ranking competitions will receive a reward of £5,000. If no football player scores a full score in the 147 test in a ranking match, then this station will score a full score in the 147 test. The prize is rolled into the gold pool of full scores for the large and medium ranking competitions, and is combined with the 147 scores for the next ranking competitions. It is used as a reward for the football players who get 147 scores in the next race, and so on.

The English Championships and the Welsh League (including the English League, Northern Ireland League and the British League added in the 2016/20117 season) because there are no qualifiers rounds, the first round of football players with 147 scores in the test is ranked according to the large and medium-sized rankings. The rules of the game received 147 full score bonuses.

Football players who have scored 147 points in the qualifiers for the large and medium ranking competitions, the European series and the Asian regional series will receive a reward of £500, which will be used in the qualifiers of the rankings or the European series. If there is no football player in the main match or the Asian regional series to make a score of 147, the full score of the 147 test will be rolled into the corresponding large and medium ranking qualifiers. The full score of the test will be rewarded in the gold pool, or the European round The full score bonus pool for the competition test, or the full score bonus pool for the Asian regional round-trip contest test. In the preliminary rounds of the Football Player Series amateur players, there is no reward for 147 full scores. In addition, there is no single-stroke bonus for the Football Player Series (except for the finals).

Before the 2014/2015 season did not open the Asian region series test full score bonus gold flip pool, in the Football Players Open finals, the football players who produced 147 score scores were in accordance with the European series main game specifications, that is, according to the European series The full score bonus of the competition test flips the pool, and the full score bonus of 147 test scores is obtained. In 2012, Ding Junhui scored a 147 in the final of the Football Players Open, and he was rewarded according to this standard.

Since the beginning of the 2016/2017 season, there has been no Asia-Europe Small and Medium Ranking Tournament. In addition, in the season, the Middle Release Master Tournament, Paul Hunter Elite Tournament, and Single Limited Time Tournament are all included in the Large and Medium Ranking Tournament, which represents these three. The rewards for the full score of the 147th test in the competition are accumulated in accordance with the regulations of the large and medium-sized ranking competitions.

European Small and Medium Ranking Tournament, the full score bonus gold rollover pool has accumulated a total of £500 as of the beginning of the 2016/2017 season.

Asia’s small and medium-sized ranking competitions have a full score bonus in the main competition test. As of the beginning of the 2016/2017 season, a total of £1,000 has been accumulated.

The European Tour’s original test score bonus gold flip pool £500 and the Asian Tour’s original test score bonus gold flip pool £1,000 trends, the official website has not been determined since the 2016/2017 season.

Then, what was the full score of the 147th exam in the season that was cut by the old man Hehe?

Take the recent 2018/2019 season as an example. There are 20 large and medium ranking competitions in the season, and the 147 test scores are £100,000; 20 large and medium ranking competitions 9 have qualifiers, and the 147 test scores are scored. And it is £4,500; therefore, regardless of the previous season’s total, the 2018/2019 season global snooker company will award the 147 test score bonus to £104,500. The old lady is temporarily for the World Championships. The increase was £45, 000, but everything was normal. A large amount of rewards did not go out, and it was not easy to accumulate the rewards pool.

In the 2018 World Championships, the large and medium ranking competitions were rewarded with a full score of £5,000 in Jinchili, which is indeed incompatible with the gold billboard competition of the Snooker World Championships. The service promised by Mrs. He The 147 test full score bonus is £40,000 (plus £5,000 in the qualifiers), but no one in the 2018 World Championships has a full score of 147, and the vacated £35,000 was retrieved by the old man.

In the 2019 World Championships, the large and medium ranking competitions can only receive a full score of £5,000 in the gold pool. The old lady He promises to give 147 full scores of rewards of £50,000 (the qualifiers did not improve, the qualifiers) The gold pool for the full score test is £1,000). In the remaining four days of the 2019 World Championships, if there is no one who takes the 147 full score test, the vacated £45,000 will still be retrieved by Mrs. He.

Is it because Mrs. He doesn’t have money? Can’t you get a small one hundred thousand? Mrs. He’s global snooker company website and Sina Weibo @全球台联_World_Snooker are in a big book that could have been in the snooker world The special book is very unassuming. In the first half of 2018, the US billionaire list was released. Eight years after taking over as the global snooker company, Mrs. He and his big family finally made it to the US billionaire list with 115 million. The net worth ranks 980th on the list. Its Macthroom corporate valuation has a total value of 100 million. In the 2016-2017 fiscal year, the company’s sales reached 100.2 million and the net profit was 13.7 million. Many of the profitable banks are estimated to be based on global Snooker companies are winning, right? I have read a report before, the global snooker company football player award service fee income alone exceeds the single-season award gold list of the largest football player, the former world’s No. No matter how Selby has won the world for many years on the football player rewards list, and his career development has been rewarded in snooker competitions with more than 10 million pounds of “rockets”, but compared with the old lady, Still a drop in the bucket. As everyone knows, He, who is worth ten million yuan, wants to take away the 147th score in the 147th test of football players who are only 100,000 in a year.

One day after the release of the new policy of   he grandfather, at this stage, the “rocket” with the highest score of 15 shots in the 147 test on the official website of the World Professional Federation of Taiwanese Associations immediately bombarded this unpopular countermeasure. The current policy of the 147th prize of Mr. He is under the scolding of many football players in turn. How long can it be implemented? Will it be similar after his first season in office, after being scolded by football players, news media and football fans, he has no choice but to change it Success? Let’s try to see ourselves together.

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