Snooker professional players England accounted for half of the country, China followed closely

Xingpai pool table. The 128-player roster of snooker billiards in the season has already created 127 players, only the African championship. Yesterday, the official website of the Global Taiwan Federation summarized the 127 players that have been identified according to the country. Mainland China has changed to 23 players. Become the second largest “camp.”

As the birthplace of snooker, the England team is still a bigger team. They currently have 59 people, and they basically occupy half of the post game field. With 23 people, mainland China has become the second most powerful snooker player today, which is even more than England + Wales + Northern Ireland.

The development trend of snooker billiards in the Philippines for so many years has also shown a vigorous trend. In the new season, they have 4 people signed up to participate in the post competition, which also surpassed Northern Ireland and Spain. In addition, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is also selected by 2 contestants.

The actual total number of professional players in each country and region is:

There are 59 players in England, 23 from China, 12 from Wales, 7 from England, 4 from Philippines, 3 from Northern Ireland, 2 from Spain, 2 from Hong Kong SAR, 2 from Canada, 2 from Saudi Arabia, 2 from Finland, Mexico, France, Cyprus, Africa, France, Singapore, Denmark, Cyprus and Denmark each have one person.

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