Grand Prix Liang Wenbo eliminated Alan Jr. Robertson and promoted to Murphy

In the early morning of February 5th, China time, the Snooker Global Challenge once again competed in the second Champions League match. Ding Junhui lost to Scott Donaldson for the third time in more than ten days. This time he was still zero blocked; Tru Mpu’s strong performance mainly replaced Li Xing. Chinese football player only Liang Wenbo defeated his rival Marco Allen to advance to the next round; Robertson was promoted hard, Murphy missed a good game and was replaced by Stevens.

Ding Junhui played in the first time frame of the Champions League. If you know, in the past two weeks, he was replaced by Donaldson in the European Championship and the French Championship. And in the first round of this Global Challenge, his fortune was again. Assigned them together. From the first game of this tournament, the system progress was relatively fragmented. Ding Junhui was not in the best situation. Not only did his accuracy drop, but the classic white ball manipulation was also at a loss. On the other hand, Donaldson did not do well. He did not take out a very good main performance of continuous attack, but he seized the opportunity several times and did a good job at the defensive level. In this way, he continued to win the first and second games.

In the 3rd game, Ding Junhui, who had taken the initiative in the first game, had the electrostatic induction of the bag and the serve in turn. Donaldson turned the crisis into an even score and finished the black ball in one go. Donaldson, whose self-confidence had already overflowed, finally got his first high score in the 4th inning. He ended the game with 81 points on a single stroke. Since then, he has carried out three consecutive kills against Ding Junhui. This is the first zero seal in this game. Race. The overall record of each other’s confrontation, from 3-0 ten days ago, became a 3-3 tie in a blink of an eye. Since 2020, Ding Junhui’s fortune of not winning is still continuing. The good news is that Ding Junhui finally bypassed Donaldson at the beginning of the Welsh League next week. The bad news is that if he continues to play in this situation, it will be more difficult to play Fu Jiajun.

Ding Junhui was defeated here, and Liang Wenbo won in the first match of the night. His enemy Marco Allen won the first match and scored the biggest single stroke of 130 points ever since. , But Liang Wenbo takes the initiative for a lot of time and has the same

One shot broke the main performance, and finally sent Allen 4-2 for a round trip. In the next game, Liang Wenbo will test Ronnie O’Sullivan, who is highly connected to him.

In addition, Li Xing, another Chinese football player who appeared on the field, even though a strong start with 129 points, but then suffered from Trump’s all-round restraint, defending the title continued to make a single shot of 67, 100, 138 and 97. Points, a wave of points leads to victory, and 138 points are the full scores of a single stroke at the current stage of the game. But even so Trump seems to still be inconsistent. He feels that he has missed the opportunity to break 100 shots twice. He could have been able to continue to brush four consecutive shots to win the ultimate. This desire is worthy of being called the impact of his career. Hundred Chinese characters.

For Bitterrumpu’s easy and freehand drawing, Neil Robertson’s promotion is indeed thrilling. It depends on Holt’s confrontation that Robertson won the first game first, but the next enemy scored 79 and 122 points. He continued to suffer zero shots. Since then, Robertson has returned with a 60+ shot to catch up with the situation again. Holt won the 6th game. In the final match, Robertson’s single shot assisted in the successful excuse.

Sean Murphy, a member of the “Post-80s Five Tigers” who appeared on the stage at the latest, once led Matthew Stevens 3-1 and scored 62 points in a single stroke in the 5th inning, but suffered here in one inning. After a big reversal, Matthew quickly chased one more point to bring the game to the deciding game. In the end, with an ultimate snooker shot and a brilliant red number flip, Stevens made an over-point in the deciding game, and then 4-3 turned defeat into victory.

In other competitions, Joe Perry scored a breakthrough and opened 3-0 with a strong start. In the end, he replaced Alibaba Catch 4-2. In the next round, Perry, who is the natural enemy of Ding Junhui in the championship, will be popular with him. Ding Junhui’s natural enemy Donaldson talked; Dort 4-1 sent the challenger rookie Ma Fulin home; Celtic and Tachaia fought for seven games, and finally won 4-3. They often have a top 100 main performance, and in the next one. In the competition, Celtic is about to deal with Tom Fuld, who has had a mouthful with himself in the Champions League in the new season.

The challenge will be held on February 5 for the third Champions League match. The first round of the final four matches will be carried out. Two post-70 derbys, Higgins will play Bingham, and Marco Williams will have to deal with it. Hawkins, a post-90s derby, Karen Wilson and Lisofsky will meet again after the championship game. In the end, there will be a derby for Chinese football players, Zhao Xintong resists Yan Bingtao. At night local time, there will be four second round matches.

(Beijing time on the 5th)

21:00 Higgins VS Bingham

21:00 Yan Bingtao VS Zhao Xintong

22:00 Williams VS Hawkins

22:00 Karen Wilson VS Lisowski

3:00 the next day O’Sullivan VS Liang Wenbo

3:00 Xiao Guodong VS Dort

4:00 Tom Ford VS Celter

4:00 Gary Wilson VS Stevens

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