The genius girl in Chinese billiards won the championship under 18

Looking through the transcripts of the first two Chinese billiards ranking competitions this year-the China Open and the China Championship, you can find that the men’s and women’s championships were taken by the “post-00s”.

As the saying goes, “become famous as soon as possible”, this sentence is very true in the Chinese billiards arena. In this year’s World Championships, the “post-00” has already accounted for half of the women’s semifinals. The emergence of this phenomenon is due to the fact that Xingpai has worked with all parties to jointly develop Chinese billiards for a long time and hold various competitions, thus giving young players more opportunities for actual combat and room for improvement.

Today, the editor will take you closer to Pan Lantian, the champion of this year’s China Open, and Wang Ye, the champion of the Chinese Championship.

At the 2016 China Classic, the 15-year-old Pan Lantian reached the top 16. With a learning attitude, she was deeply impressed by the event: “Such a big event is really shocking, and the stadium alone feels very professional. And (I) noticed that the stadium tables are equipped with heating systems, which feels so advanced.”

Pan Lantian, who has a dream of champions, encountered regrets in the following years, such as the reversal of the semi-finals of the 2018 China Classic, such as the early defeat of the Chinese Billiards World Championship this year. Until this year’s China Open, Pan Lantian finally ushered in his own moment. After defeating Zhang Muyan, Liu Xiazhi and Shi Tianqi to enter the finals, facing two-time world champion Chen Siming, Pan Lantian launched a Jedi counterattack after falling behind for a while, hitting a 7-1 climax and winning the first championship in the rankings.

The road for young players was not all smooth sailing. In the next Chinese Championship, Pan Lantian failed to enter the single-elimination round. With the continuous development of the professionalization of Chinese billiards, this girl with firm goals and hard training is bound to usher in more opportunities.

Although he is only 18 years old, from the time of his debut to the results of the game, Wang is already regarded as a “young veteran” in the Chinese billiards world. At the 2014 China Open, she reached the quarterfinals when she was only 13 years old. Next, this “gifted girl” started a process of accumulation of experience. In the 2015 China Open, Wang also lost in a decisive game and lost the white pigeon who had just won the world championship at that time. In the 2016 World Championships, facing Chen Siming who eventually won the championship, Wang also took the lead to get the match point, but she, who was slightly lacking in experience, was reversed because of a mistake.

At the end of 2016, Wang also unlocked the championship at the China Open. Then, she won the Chinese Grand Prix last year and the Chinese Championship this year. In the World Championships, Wang also reached the semi-finals for the first time last year, and this year he came to the finals, one step away from the championship trophy.

Wang also stated as early as 2016 that his dream is to become “the first woman in Chinese billiards”. She is moving in this direction step by step.

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