Shuangzhe Cup U22 Youth 10 Red Ball Championship Steady Song Yang wins first prize (photos)

In the “Double Zhe Cup” U22 Youth Snooker 10 Red Ball Championship, Sichuan teenager Song Yang fought continuously and finally won 5-2 and won the championship.

On the afternoon of the final day, compared to Pang Junxu’s easy promotion in the morning, Song Yang experienced a hard fight, defeating Liu Yiqi 4-3 hard to enter the final. After a short break, Song Yang and Pang Junxu started the championship battle of 9 games and 5 wins. The two entered a fierce competition at the beginning of the game.

In the first game, both of them got a good chance, but both were interrupted at 30+. Later, Song Yang took the lead with an excellent safety ball. In the second round, Song Yang contributed 64 points in a single stroke and established a 2-0 lead. In the 3rd game, Pang Junxu replied with a single shot 92; in the 4th game, Pang Junxu scored 16+32 twice and scored 1 point again, chasing the score to a 2-2 tie, and the two returned to the same starting line. The 5th game became the key game to determine the direction of the game. During the mid-game, the two played twice. Pang Junxu first got 17+22. After Song Yang made 11 points, he again scored 20 points on a single stroke. The ball is in the upper right bottom pocket. It is very difficult for the black ball to move closer to the middle of the bottom library. Song Yang did not call the black ball after he scored the pink ball. The two entered the black ball battle. At this time, Song Yang’s safety ball skills were once again reflected. Out of the advantage, he finally got the opportunity of a long black ball. A photojournalist outside the court decisively predicted that the goal would be scored. In the next two games, Pang Junxu didn’t get any chances. The initiative was in Song Yang’s hands. He scored two points in a row and won the championship 5-2. Throughout Song Yang’s entire competition, there were only 5 single strokes of 50+ in the qualifying and main races. The single stroke results of 63, 83, 58, 72, and 64 were only flat in this competition, and they were able to win the championship in the end. I believe Song Yang must have his own secrets and experience.

The award ceremony was held after the game. Shuangzhe Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Xingwei Sports Goods and other sponsor representatives awarded bonuses, prizes and award certificates to the top 8 players with outstanding performance. Finally, Li Zaiyan, consultant of the China Billiards Association, director of the Standardization Committee, and deputy general manager of Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., announced the successful conclusion of the game. The 6-day event ended successfully.

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