O’Sali Literature two 130+ enter the final for the 29th crown, Wilson ends the dark horse

China Billiards Association official website news 2017 Snooker England Open semi-finals, O’Sullivan blasted two 130+, 6-4 victory over McGill, for the 43rd time in his career to enter the ranking finals, will hit his 29th crown; Kay Len Wilson eliminated the Swiss dark horse Usenbach 6-3 and came to the final for the fourth time. If successful, this will be the second ranking championship of the post-90s leader.


O’Sullivan 6-4 McGill

In the last round, O’Sullivan, one of the 75 best players, beat the England fellow Lisowski 5-2 and became the only non-post-90 player in the top four. Scottish star McGill won the Australian star Neil Robertson 5-3.

The two sides played against each other five times before, and O’Sullivan maintained a complete victory record. This time, the advantage is still on O’Sullivan’s side. The Rockets opened the game with 62, 52 and 77 points in a single stroke. McGill had just recovered with a 57-point stroke and was beaten back to the original shape by the Rockets with a single-stroke 139 points, the score was 4-1.

Faced with the hot Rockets, McGill had to adjust the rhythm to counteract the powerful opponents more aggressively. After winning the sixth game 64-36, he scored 77 points in a single shot and scored a 3-4.

In the eighth game, McGill had a chance to tie the score, but scored 61 points in a row. O’Sullivan extinguished his counter-offensive 64-61 and won the match point 5-3.

McGill, who had nowhere to go back, gave it a go. As a result, he had to surrender only to save a match point with 71 points in a single stroke. In the tenth game, O’Sullivan finished cleanly with 133 points per stroke. This way, O’Sullivan won 6-4 with a total score of 6-4, and entered the ranked finals for the 43rd time in his career. If successful, he will win the 29th individual. Tie Higgins.

Karen Wilson 6-3 Usenbach

Usenbach from Switzerland is undoubtedly the biggest dark horse in this competition. In the last round, he scored a four-shot 50+, swept Michael White 5-0, and broke into the top 4 of the rankings for the first time, far surpassing the previous best in the second round. good grade. On that day, Wilson, who had a title and two Asian titles, finally ended his dark horse journey.

However, at the beginning of the game, the 21-year-old Usenbach continued his dark horse momentum. As soon as he came up, he scored 64 points and 84 points in a single stroke. Wilson tied the score with 77 and 51 points on a single stroke, and Usenbach regained the lead with 89 points on a single stroke, with a score of 3-2.

As the competition progressed, Wilson, who won the 2015 Shanghai Masters Championship, finally broke out. For the rest of the time, the “Warriors” firmly controlled the game in their own hands, and Usenbach, who lacked experience in the competition, retreated steadily. Wilson scored 124 points and 75 points in a single stroke. He scored two consecutive games without blocking his opponents, leading him to a 4-3 lead. In the eighth game, Usenbach scored only 8 points, and Wilson took the lead with 56 points in a single stroke to get the match point 5-3. In the ninth game, Wilson once again sent a duck egg and finished with a beautiful 90-point stroke. This way Wilson ended the dark horse journey of Usenbach with a 6-3 hand, and entered the ranking finals for the fourth time in his career. O’Sullivan competed for the final championship.

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