World Championships Ding Junhui reverses Davis 10-7 and enters the top 16 against Higgins

On the evening of April 21, Beijing time, the 2015 Snooker World Championships continued to compete in the first round. In the first stage, Ding Junhui chased three games in a row 0-4, and trailed Mark Davis 3-4. In the second stage, Ding Junhui had a chance. Hit a full score of 147, but the score of 97 points was interrupted by negligence. But in the end he countered his opponent 7-3, with a total score of 10-7, reversing the victory, advancing to the top 16 and facing the four-time world champion Higgins in the 1/8 finals. .

The first stage of the game between Ding Junhui and Mark Davis was slow. The original nine games were scheduled to play only seven games. At that time, Ding Junhui failed to enter the state and made consecutive mistakes. He lost four games in the opening and fell behind 0-4. After returning from the break, Ding Junhui finally broke out. He scored 66, 109 and 76 points in a single stroke, reducing the score to 3-4. Due to the long time, the two ended the first stage of the match two games ahead of schedule.

After nearly a day of rest, the two sides started the second stage of the contest. In the 8th inning, Ding Junhui succeeded in a three pass, but then lost the blue ball. Davis scored 106 points on a single stroke, and the total score was 5-3 ahead of Ding Junhui. In the 9th inning. , Ding Junhui once had a chance to hit 147 points. At that time, Davis made a mistake and left the middle stage. After Ding Junhui succeeded, he started a continuous attack around the black ball. However, he scored 12 sets of black balls and was distracted. When hitting the 13th red ball In the case that it is not too difficult to get the black ball, he called the low-scoring blue ball. This oversight not only made him unbelievable, but also made everyone including the referee and opponent Mark Davis unbelievable. Everyone at the scene was stunned, and then everyone couldn’t help but laugh. After recovering, Ding Junhui still tried a thin black ball with a large angle, and eventually made a mistake. Although the impact of 147 failed, he still managed to win back with 97 points in a single shot. One city, the score is 4-5.

In the 10th inning, Ding Junhui continued to maintain a positive posture. He scored 82-0 in three attacks and tied his opponent 5-5 for the first time. In the 11th inning, Davis scored a red ball and missed a black ball. Ding Junhui 62 -2 won the game, and before the break, the total score was 6-5 to achieve a go-ahead.

The game continued after the break. The 12th game was very stale. Davis ended the tug-of-war 59-14 with twists and turns, and the score was 6-6. In the 13th game, there were frequent variables, and Ding Junhui scored 44-38 in the case of a small point behind. Overtake and miss the penultimate red ball. Davis collected the red ball 47-44 and made himself a snooker, and the result was a big leak. Ding Junhui seized this opportunity to clear the colorful ball and once again led 7-6 Davis.

In the 14th inning, Davis defensively broke the ball pile, and then made a major error in the solution of the ball. Ding Junhui had a chance to win by one stroke, but he missed the black ball with 59 points, and the club encountered a red ball foul and was penalized. Lost 7 points. Davis chased the last two red balls for 22-66 to make a safety ball and accidentally leaked in the bag. Ding Junhui won the game 93-22 and opened the distance with the opponent 8-6.

In the 15th inning, the red balls were scattered all over the table in the defensive battle. Ding Junhui only scored 6 points and made a serious mistake. The red ball did not go in and stayed in the pocket. Davis lost the opportunity to reduce the total score to 7-8 with 69-6. Ding Junhui made a perfect safety ball to force Davis to give him a chance. However, he scored 47 points and 51-0 to lead the cue ball and failed to rush out of the pile, making himself a snooker. But after a few shots, Ding Junhui defended. Continue to get started through the far stage, play a single shot with 80 points to clear the stage and win the game, 9-7 first to get the match point.

In the 17th game, at this point in the game, all the pressure was on Davis’s side. Davis scored a red cue ball and failed to call the black ball comfortably, and finally made a mistake in the bag attack and left Ding Junhui with great Ding Junhui played steadily and steadily hit 85 points in a single stroke to a perfect ending. With a total score of 10-7, he reversed the world’s 18th ranked English veteran Mark Davis and advanced to the top 16 to face the 1/8 finals. Four-time world champion and No. 14 seed Higgins.

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