Olishavin’s 2020 debut, Ding Junhui loses three-game losing streak

The 2020 Snooker Global Challenge will be held at the well-known Cheltenham Racecourse from February 3 to 9. The deeply concerned O’Sullivan is about to make his debut in 2020, and Ding Junhui will continue for three Donaldson suffered a lot from the race. In the past half month, he lost his opponents in the European Championship and the French Championship.

The Global Challenge is a ranking competition in which only the top 32 players in a single season can register to participate. The total amount of rewards amounts to 375,000 euros. Among them, the championship reward is 100,000, which is open to the football players behind. The tournament and the Open Tournament form a three-stop ranked tournament. The player with the largest total reward in the three competitions will also receive a reward of 100,000.

O’Sullivan has been free from the battle since losing to Selby in the 1/4 finals at the end of last year, and even missed the championship game that was the most important in the past. In this challenge, O’Sullivan will return to the game. This is his first appearance in an announced event in 2020. O’Sullivan was eliminated in the first round of the challenge last year, but has since won the two championships of the Football Players Open and the Touring Open. In 2019, if O’Sullivan wants to win the championship of these two competitions again, he must greatly improve his ranking in this challenge. After all, those two competitions must be qualified before the 16th and 8th in a single season.

In the first round of the challenge, O’Sullivan’s enemy will be Gilbert, and in the second round he will suffer Marco Allen or Liang Wenbo. If you continue to advance to the quarterfinals, O’Sullivan will most likely face Selby again in the quarter-finals. No matter how far he can go in the challenge, O’Sullivan’s debut in 2020 is also worth seeing. However, the first two rounds of the challenge were all 7 games and 4 wins in short games. If O’Sullivan could not achieve a high level, it would not be impossible to be eliminated early. He lost in the first round last year. Fu Jiajun, general of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

In the last half month of the European Championship and the French Championship, Ding Junhui lost to Donaldson in the second and first rounds. The two challengers met again in the first round. It is only three straight things, Ding Junhui will prevent the enemy from experiencing a three-game losing streak, so as not to be traumatized by the enemy. If we can avenge Donaldson, Ding Junhui’s second round enemy will be caused between Perry and Kachi. If we pass the game again, we will suffer Robertson, who has been in very good condition recently. For Ding Junhui, the way forward for the challenge is not a broad road.

Defending Trump suffered Li Xing in the first round, and will face old enemy Karen Wilson in the second round. Yan Bingtao, Zhao Xintong, and Trump are in the same district. The two started the first round of the Kuomintang and Communist civil war. The winning side will suffer Higgins or Bingham in the second round. In addition, Xiao Guodong and Zhou Yuelong will each challenge Selby and Gary Wilson in the first round. A total of seven Chinese players are qualified to be selected in this challenge.

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