Fighting for glory 16 first batch of top 64 Chinese billiards players in history emerged

After two days of fierce competition, the Hebei Qualifying Division and Shaanxi Qualifying Division of the First National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament each produced 8 players who entered the main match: Zhou Quan (Tianjin), Zhang Yanfei (Inner Mongolia), Wang Fanshuo (Shijiazhuang) , Liu Jian (Ningxia), Zhang Bo (Liaoning), Li Hui (Xi’an), Bailong (Shijiazhuang), Li Hao (Ningxia), Zhao Haitao (Harbin), Li Jingkun (Jilin), Luo Zhenhua (Gansu), Liu Yong (Xi’an) ,, Zhang Ke (Baoding), Guo Jianwu (Shanxi), Ding Ning (Handan), Weiyu (Hubei).

The National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament is the most authoritative and formal Chinese billiards tournament hosted by the China Billiards Association. It heralds the development trend of Chinese billiards with more than 40 million fans from the folk to the palace, from the grass roots to the formal. It also means Chinese billiard enthusiasts have had a true national ranking since then. This is the most authoritative official ranking. It is a huge honor for all billiard enthusiasts. The Hebei and Shaanxi qualifying regions that will be the first to start this time are not only It has attracted many Chinese-style billiards masters, and also attracted many snooker and nine-ball masters to participate. All billiards masters have said that attracting them to participate in the Chinese-style billiards ranking competition is not only the high prize money, but also to win the whole country. Ranking, the temptation of this honor is more than bonus. Corning, who has won the 2010 Kunlun Mountain Cup Beijing Snooker Professional Ranking Tournament and the Falcon Cup Snooker Team Championship, also registered for the Hebei Qualifying Division this time. Although he failed to achieve satisfactory results, he said that he would Will participate in the Shandong Qualifying Division, which will start this weekend, and strive to get good results.

National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, a stage for billiard lovers to realize their dreams;

National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, the pinnacle of world honour in billiards;

National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament, fight for glory!

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