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Snooker is considered the hottest kind of billiards. And there are many professional tournaments held for a long time, and snooker has a maximum of 147 points in a single stroke. If you want to experience a perfect snooker, you need a star-branded snooker table (designated table for top competitions), and you also need a cue that suits you. The following will take you to learn more about Snooker Information such as the parameters of the Knock club.

Snooker cue structure

1. Leather head: (also known as spear head) the part that the front of the club touches when it hits the cue ball, made of high-quality leather. ?

2, the first angle: plastic or metal material, connecting the wood and leather of the front section to protect the club.

3. Front section: The thinner part of the front half of the pool cue, made of hardwood such as maple.

4. Upper ring: Buffer the impact force of the contact surface with the middle wheel to prevent the front section wood from cracking.

5. Middle wheel: connect the front and rear sections to buffer the impulse between the front and rear sections.

6. ​​Lower ring: Buffer the impact force of the contact surface with the middle wheel to prevent cracking of the wood in the back section.

7. Back section: The thicker back half of the billiard cue is made of maple, walnut, ebony, oak, and ebony.

8. Grip: Most of them are wound with thread, and high-end billiard cues are also made of leather materials, which can prevent hand slippage. 9. Rubber head: The rubber part at the tail of the billiard cue has counterweight screws for adjustment.

10. Signs: embedded in the tail of the club, usually round, square or other shapes, used to mark the brand and other information. There are also direct engraving or hot stamping marks on the original wood

11. Lengthen the handle: (Alternative name: Extension handle, small rear handle, back seat)

belongs to the category of accessories, divided into wooden fixed-length extension handles and metal material retractable extension handles. Most brand billiard cues are equipped with extended handles at the factory, and some need to be purchased separately.

Snooker cue parameters

1, material

First of all, we have to look at the material of the cue. The front cut material of the snooker cue is probably only two kinds of sleepers and maple. The sleepers have obvious wood grain, but the maple does not. Sleepers are more tough, while maple is less tough and harder.

The main materials for the back cut are probably only two kinds of ebony and rosewood. Because these two kinds of wood are very hard, they can withstand the force returned when hitting the ball, and their weight is heavier than ordinary wood, which can give the club’s natural weight. In order to make the back cut more beautiful, different wooden blocks can be used as decorations. Of course, the more decorations, the higher the price.

2, weight

After reading the material, we need to look at the weight of the club. The weight of the cue ranges from 16 ounces to 21 ounces. Generally, the weight used by many people is 17.5 ounces to 19 ounces. Many people want the heavier the club as possible because they are afraid that their backhand is unstable. In fact, this idea is not correct. Because the backhand is stable and unstable because the basic movements are not correct and the weight is not correct, so if the basic The action is correct, the light club will be more heavier than the control of the stroke and strength will be easier.

3, length

In fact, there are many opinions on how to choose the length, but there is no completely correct standard. It depends on the personal habit of holding the pole and holding the pole. If you really want to say a standard, the handshake should be one position from the end. . The generally available club lengths are 57 inches and 58 inches.

4, thickness

The thickness of the club should be paid attention to at the front end (where the ball is hit) and the rear end (grip). The diameter of the front end of the club ranges from 8mm to 11mm. Generally, the available clubs on the market are all at 9.5mm. About, because this thickness is the most appropriate, if you want to be thicker or finer than this, you need to customize.

The diameter of the grip is generally from 29.5mm to 30mm, which is thicker or thinner. It is also customizable. Which one to choose depends on the personal feel, but you must not fill the grip handle, because this will affect the quality of the rod. Flexibility, it is best to leave a little space between the grip and the hand.

5. Straight is not straight

Many of my friends put the clubs on the table and roll them for the first time when testing the clubs. In fact, all the masters who make clubs do not recommend this method to test whether the clubs are straight enough, especially hand-made clubs, because Since it is manual, there is no way to create a perfect circle, so rolling on the table will naturally cause some jitters, which will cause a lot of psychological shadows. The correct test method should be to use the thin end of the cue toward the light source (such as a light bulb), and then use one eye to check whether the cue is straight enough.

6, taper

Clubs are generally straight-barreled shafts. What is called a straight-barreled shaft? It is the head of the club. At the end of the club, a straight line becomes thicker, which is the taper of most clubs. Compared with some good brands, which are not mass-produced or private small workshops, they still use hand-made production methods. In fact, there are still differences in the taper of the clubs. One of them is the slightly concave type. This type of club is mainly because of the pursuit of elasticity, deliberately planing the forelimbs to maximize the elasticity.

The other type is micro-drum type, which means that the club has a little belly, and in the forelimbs, there is a relatively bulging feeling. Most of these types are used on relatively thin rods, in order to make the rods have relatively strong hardness. , Strength, deliberately thick shaft.

How to choose snooker cue

1. Choice of appearance

The appearance of the club, that is, whether the texture of the wood looks good or not is usually not related to the quality of the club. We generally think that for maple clubs, since the texture is very inconspicuous, it can be said that there is no texture, so the ones with less white wood knots relative to the shaft are better-looking (it is impossible without wood knots, after all, this is wood) ; For ash wood cue, it is the positive arrow pattern on the front, clear, and the arrow is even. Remember, these are just the aesthetics of the appearance, and the aesthetics vary from person to person.

2, length standard

The standard length of a snooker club is 145 cm. If you have special requirements for your body shape or style of play, you can also choose a club with a suitable length according to your height, arm length, and power characteristics. However, the general brand does not provide it. Special specifications of clubs may need to be customized and cost a lot more expensive. It is recommended to use the universal length of 145 cm. After all, the grip position is chosen by yourself, so it is not very important.

3, head diameter

The horn (commonly known as the head) of a snooker club has a diameter of 9.5-10 mm. A club with a thin head is easy to start a game, and a club with a thick head is stable in long-distance hits. It depends on whether you like offense or defense.

4. Treatment process

Snooker clubs made of high-quality wood usually use rod oil to treat the wood surface instead of paint. There was a saying in the past that a layer of lacquer must be polished off when new rods are obtained. That is because the technical level of rod-making is poor or the quality of the selected wood is poor, which cannot keep the wood stable after molding. It is necessary to apply a layer of lacquer to fix the wood. It is conceivable that the lacquered cue has a bad hand and loses the best elasticity of the log, which is really bad.

5, weight selection

Light is important and moderate. According to the recommendation of the International Taiwan Federation, the snooker cue suitable for beginners is 18 ounces, which is 510 grams. So your choice can be fluctuations within this range. Of course, it depends on personal preference and adaptability.

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