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Xingpai pool table. On September 15, 2019, the World Snooker Shanghai Masters ended successfully in the Regal International East Asia Hotel. After 7 days of fierce competition, “Rocket” O’Sullivan defeated Sean Murphy 11-9. Won the championship for three consecutive years.

World Snooker Shanghai Masters was founded in 2007, and 9 people have reached the top in this event. Among them, China’s snooker leader Ding Junhui won the championship in 2013 and 2016, becoming the first double champion of the Shanghai Masters. In 2017, O’Sullivan defeated Trump in the final, increasing the number of championship trophies under his name in the Shanghai Masters to two.

In 2018, the Shanghai Masters made a major reform, the competition system was changed from a ranked tournament to an invitational tournament. This year O’Sullivan once again advanced to the finals and defeated Barry Hawkins in the last game, becoming the first to achieve the Shanghai Masters. Defending player.

To fight again this year, O’Sullivan scored two consecutive 130+ shots in his debut and beat the amateur masters champion Zhang Yi 6-0 to advance. In the quarter-finals, O’Sullivan fell behind 1-5. The next 5 consecutive wins have been achieved

“The Jedi Strikes Back”, knocking out the 2015 champion Karen Wilson. In the semi-finals, O’Sullivan made a 10-6 cut off Neil Robertson’s promotion path and entered the Shanghai Masters final for the fifth time in his career.

race, and hit his fourth title in this race.

Sean Murphy had two previous semi-finals in the Shanghai Masters. In 2009, Murphy, who broke into the semi-finals of the Shanghai Masters for the first time, lost to Liang Wenbo 5-6 and stopped in the semi-finals. In 2012, “Magic” once again hit the final ticket, but this time he lost 3-6 to the final champion John Higgins and failed to break through himself.

This year, Murphy defeated Lu Haotian 6-1 in the first round to advance. Then, “Magic” took two shots and broke Mark Williams to the top 8 with a 6-5 lore. In the quarter-finals, Murphy defeated Lisowski 6-1 in the semifinals.

Against Mark Allen in the game. In this game, Murphy defeated Mark Allen, who threatened to “revenge” with a score of 10-3, and successfully won tickets to the finals.

This is the 19th time that O’Sullivan has played against Murphy in their careers. O’Sullivan has maintained an absolute advantage in the historical record. The finals started on time at 14 o’clock, with 10 games played in the first period.

At the opening stage, Murphy took the lead and played 60+ consecutively in the second and third innings, and quickly gained a 3-0 lead. In the fourth game, O’Sullivan started from a distance and finally achieved a “zero breakthrough” after completing 61 points in a single shot.

After a short break, O’Sullivan recovered. With 54 points and 78 points, O’Sullivan won three more games and overtook the score. In the next two games, the unwilling “magic” bit the score and took the lead again. In the final game of the first period, O’Sullivan won with 53 points on a single stroke, tentatively setting the score at 5-5.

The game in the second period turned into a 6-win system of 11 innings. In the eleventh inning, Murphy helped him win with 66 points. In the twelfth inning, Murphy, who was the first to play, lost his chance in a very favorable situation. O’Sullivan scored a single-stroke with 66 points.

win, the score came to 6-6. In the thirteenth game, Murphy shot the first shot of the final to break 100, leading O’Sullivan. In the fourteenth inning, O’Sullivan started with a red ball in the bag and used a 130 stroke to clear the table and return the color.

In the fifteenth game, O’Sullivan played twice and rewritten the score to 8-7. In the next game, O’Sullivan won and further stabilized his lead. In the seventeenth game, O’Sullivan, who was in sight of victory, broke a hundred and zero in a single stroke

菲, got the match point. Eighteenth and nineteenth, Murphy in adversity withstood the pressure and saved two consecutive match points. In the twentieth inning, O’Sullivan succeeded in offensive from a distance, and O’Sullivan finished overscores during the continuous scoring around the black ball.

finally ended the whole game with a score of 11-9.

This is the fifth time O’Sullivan has advanced to the final of the Shanghai Masters. While defeating Murphy, he increased the number of trophies under his name in the Shanghai Masters to four. This is also his third consecutive year of winning the Shanghai Masters. . O’Sullivan’s record in the Shanghai Masters is unmatched. It can be said that he is the well-deserved “King of Shanghai.”

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