Zhou Yuelong’s leading fire teacher was eliminated by business golfers

The 2019 World Snooker Championship entered the fourth day. Chinese teenager Zhou Yuelong played well in the match with Northern Irish star Mark Allen. After the first stage, he took the lead with a big score of 7:2; the top player “Rocket” Osha Levine lost to amateur Cahill, the biggest upset in the history of the World Championships.

Among the 6 Chinese players participating in the World Championships, Zhou Yuelong is the only player with experience except Ding Junhui, but he was eliminated in the first round of the 2017 competition. At 21 years old this year, he maintained a very good form, winning 5 consecutive games to take the lead. In the sixth game, Zhou Yuelong still took the lead. After 53 points in a single shot, Allen got a chance to score 68 points and finally got back one game.

In the seventh game, Zhou Yuelong won the opponent simply and neatly, closing the opponent with 76:0. In the eighth game, Allen only scored 6 points and the score became 7:1. Allen scored 66 points in a single stroke in the final game, turning the score into 2:7. The two will start the second phase of the game at 7pm on the 24th (2am on the 25th, Beijing time). Zhou Yuelong can advance to the top 16 as long as he wins three more games.

But the painful lessons of the two Chinese players Tian Pengfei and Zhao Xintong a few days ago showed that when facing experienced players, the lead cannot be taken lightly. Both were in the lead all the way, and were reversed by Maguire and Selby.

The 43-year-old Osali Text has won 5 championships in this season, and last month regained the world’s No. 1 throne after 9 years of loss. The 23-year-old Cahill is the first player in history to qualify as an amateur, and he does not even have a world ranking. O’Sullivan has been behind in the game. Although he struggled to chase the score to 8:8, he committed a low-level error at a critical moment and Cahill won two consecutive games to seal the victory.

O’Sullivan said after the game: “I feel terrible, as if I have been sleepwalking. I have been feeling bad for the past few weeks. I haven’t slept well for several nights.”

In other games of the day, 2015 champion Bingham set an example for the young Chinese players. He played against the 2006 world champion Dortmund. Although he was chased to 9:9 with an 8:1 lead, he stood up at the last minute. Pressure, won the tiebreaker and won 10:9. Gilbert defeated Joe Perry 10-7 and also broke into the second round.

China’s last player, Li Xing, will appear on the morning of the 24th against Hawkins, who is ranked ninth in the world.

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