Chinese World Championships draw: Zheng Yubo “recommended” the first round of cross-strait American football kings PK

On the morning of March 21, the draw for the 2019 “Yaqi Group” Cup Chinese Billiards World Championship was announced. The defending champion Zheng Yubo, who was placed in the international group, was awarded a super sign and was almost guaranteed a single defeat. The cross-strait American 9-ball leaders Ke Bingyi and Wu Jiaqing played against each other in the Chinese style arena also made people full of expectations.

By convention, the first stage of the race is still divided into domestic and international groups for men and women. Among them, defending champion Zheng Yubo and national team players Dang Jinhu and Wu Jiaqing were placed in the international group, while several foreign players with wild cards were placed in the domestic group. Of course, for them, this was tantamount to disaster.

Zheng Yubo’s opponent in the first round is Japanese comedian Naoyuki Oi. The only thing that Oi can expect is that the short game system is full of variables, otherwise he can only hope for a miracle if he wants to win. For Zheng Yubo, facing any opponent will be the favored side, not to mention the international players who are not very comfortable with the Chinese table. Therefore, Zheng Yubo’s task in the first few rounds will be how to prepare for the tough enemy. .

There is also a confrontation in the international team that deserves attention. Although not the top players in the Chinese event, the direct confrontation between the top American football kings Ke Bingyi and Wu Jiaqing on both sides of the strait can be the focus in any situation. I hope that on the stage of Chinese billiards, the two can also contribute an epic performance.

In the domestic group, Chu Bingjie, Wu Hao, Chen Zhigang, Wu Zhenyu and Xiao Liu Chuang are in the same group, so there must be a top player who will have to leave the World Championships stage after the double defeat. The 2017 champion Yang Fan vs. Wang Peng was also a strong dialogue at the final level.

In the women’s part, Wang Xiaotong, Han Yu, Chen Siming, Liu Shasha and Fu Xiaofang were placed in the international group. Among them, Liu Shasha and Fu Xiaofang are likely to meet in the promotion round. Although the two rivals Wei Ziqian and Guo Siting of Chinese Taipei are on par with them in the American field, the two who are inexperienced in Chinese billiards may be out at the same time. Chen Siming faced British star Kelly Fisher, who has a solid snooker foundation, and Chen Siming should not be able to pass the test easily. And Han Yu and Wang Xiaotong were drawn to the picks like Zheng Yubo. Their only suspense in the first two rounds may be just to lose a few games.

On the morning of the 22nd, the main stage of the current World Championships will begin.

The following is the specific match:

International Men’s Team

Kreps VS Mark Davis, Lin Weixiang VS Michael Holt

Yang Shaojie VS Tom Ford, Huang Yong VS Ke Bingzhong

Michael Georgiou VS Dang Jinhu, Zhang Ronglin VS Mark King

Sesothin VS Ryan Day, Staley VS Chris Merlin

Naoyuki Oi VS Yubo Zheng, Jack Niuro VS Alfan Dade

Graeme Dott VS Li Baixian, Wu Jiaqing VS Ke Bingyi

Jose VS Suraman, Roland VS Fleming

Halliday VS Yarut, Joe Perry VS Theron

Domestic Men’s Team

Zhao Ruliang VS Zheng Peng, Kong Dejing VS Liu Junyan

Meng Fanyu VS Jin Jun, Wang Peng VS Yang Fan

Li Hewen VS Wang Pan, Wang Yuheng VS Rouzi Maimat

Xu Haobo VS Liu Haitao, Mohammed Ali VS Wang Yun

Shi Hanqing VS Wang Can, Yu Haitao VS Fang Guoming

Dong Yi VS He Wenchong, Anketuya VS Wan Tongle

Liu Chuang VS Lusk, Wu Zhenyu VS Chen Shuangyou

Wu Hao VS Xi Shouxin, Chen Zhigang VS Chu Bingjie

International Women’s Team

Wang Xiaotong VS Fatakova, He Xinru VS Cunningham

Kaludia VS Zhou Jieyu, Han Yu VS Nalantuya

Kelly Fisher VS Chen Siming, Muqatar VS Emion

Wei Ziqian VS Liu Shasha, Fu Xiaofang VS Guo Siting

Domestic Women’s Team

Shi Tianqi VS Gao Meng, Fefilava VS Jin Jiaying

Jia Siming Oschun VS Pan Lantian, Yang Ye VS Tang Chunxiao,

Wang Ye VS Li Mengfan, Zhang Xiaotong VS Jiang Teng

Jing Siya VS Yu Hong, Zhang Muyan VS Liu Xiazhi

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