The 2017 Snooker World Open ended successfully. Ding Junhui won the championship and dedicated to his mother in heaven

On the evening of September 24, China·Shangrao·Yushan “Sanqingshan” Cup 2017 Snooker World Open ended successfully at Yushan No. 1 Middle School Sports Art Center. In the championship and runner-up finals that night, Ding Junhui defeated Karen Wilson 10:3 to win the championship, and Karen Wilson won the runner-up.


After the game, the organizers held a grand award ceremony and a grand celebration reception. Liao Qizhi, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Shangrao Municipal Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor, Li Xiaoping, Deputy Director of the Jiangxi Provincial Sports Bureau, Zheng Shaowei, Deputy Mayor of Shangrao Municipal People’s Government, Minister of the Three Departments of the Small Ball Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, Wang Tao, Secretary-General of the Chinese Billiards Association, World Professionals Jason Ferguson, Chairman of the Knock Association, Hu Jianfei, Secretary of the Yushan County Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, Gan Liantong, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Billiards Association and Vice Chairman of Beijing Xingpai Group, Yu Min, Party Secretary of the Competition Center of Jiangxi Sports Bureau, Mao Zubin, Deputy Secretary-General of Shangrao Municipal People’s Government, Tong Xiaohang, Director of Shangrao Sports Bureau, Xu Shubin, Magistrate of Yushan County People’s Government, Wu Hua, Director of Sanqingshan Scenic Area Management Committee, Yang Guifa, Deputy General Manager of Shangrao Tourism Development Group Co., Ltd., Luo Laishui, Deputy Secretary of Yushan County Committee of the Communist Party of China, Standing Committee of Yushan County People’s Congress Director Zhang Changqing, Yushan County CPPCC Chairman Zhu Mingshan, and Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Gan Jialing attended the award ceremony. Ding Junhui said affectionately at the celebration reception: “This champion is dedicated to my mother in heaven. I will continue to work hard and become her greater pride.”


At the closing ceremony, Jason Ferguson, chairman of the World Professional Snooker Association, spoke highly of the event. He said: “The 2017 Snooker World Open is a perfect game. The event organizer-Yushan and Xingpai owns Excellent level and ability of event operation, their thoughtful service rejuvenated this traditional important event, and all the participants were very satisfied, which is very rare. This open event started from preparation to event operation, including food and lodging. All work arrangements have been completed very well, both on and off the court. The services are done perfectly. The players are very satisfied with this trip to Yushan. They have received the best care and service here. Let them have no worries at all, and can win the game with the best competitive state and level. In addition, the simplicity and enthusiasm of the people of Yushan also left a good impression on players from all over the world. While the World Open is going on, China·Yushan The international billiard culture industry project has also officially started. This is a project that makes billiards all over the world excited. It is the world’s most professional, comprehensive and top-level billiards cultural aircraft carrier. Only when a sport or industry is successful or in the future Only under more successful circumstances can there be this blueprint, which has epoch-making significance and a milestone promotion for the promotion and popularization of world snooker and even the world’s billiard culture.”

This Snooker World Open has brought new opportunities to Yushan’s sports industry, and is a platform for Yushan to practice the “sports +” economy under the new normal and show the cultural heritage of sports. At the same time, through this competition, Yushan’s harmonious and friendly urban civilization was demonstrated, which was highly praised by Chinese and foreign stars and all walks of life. Zheng Shaowei, Deputy Mayor of Shangrao Municipal People’s Government, said: “In seven days, snooker players from all over the world gathered in Yushan. They showed their superb skills in the same field and presented a wonderful billiard feast after another. Public During the game, we also witnessed the official launch of the Yushan International Billiards Cultural Industry Project. This will be another step in our goal of Yushan to build the “China Billiards Capital and World Billiards City”. Today is the joint effort of everyone and a wonderful achievement An unforgettable sporting event.”

At the award ceremony, leaders such as Hu Jianfei, Tong Xiaohang, Xu Shubin, Wu Hua, Yang Guifa awarded medals and certificates to the units and individuals who made outstanding contributions in this competition; Yu Min and Yang Gui were the Chinese players who won 143 points in a single stroke. Li Xing, awarded the highest single-stroke scoring wreath and a prize of 3,000 pounds. Officials of the World Snooker Association accepted the award.

Leaders such as Jason Ferguson, Zheng Shaowei, Wu Hua, and Li Xiaoping wore wreaths for the runners-up, and awarded award certificates, bonuses and trophies; leaders Gan Liantong, Wang Tao, Hu Jianfei, Liao Qizhi and other leaders wore wreaths for the champion Ding Junhui and presented award certificates, bonuses and trophies.


Liao Qizhi, member of the Standing Committee of the Shangrao Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and executive deputy mayor, announced the victory of the “China·Shangrao·Yushan 2017 “Sanqingshan” Cup Snooker World Open.

During the tournament, nearly a hundred international and domestic media, including People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, Guangming Daily, Sina, Sohu, and NetEase, carried out extensive publicity campaigns for the Open, making China’s Shangrao Yushan’s billiards beautiful, beautiful, and beautiful. The beauty of friendship, the beauty of service, and the beauty of civilization spread to the world, laying a solid foundation for Yushan County to build the “China Billiard Capital and World Billiards City”, and also allowing the flower of snooker to bloom again in the east of the world.

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