Liang Wenbo kills Selby, brings Yan Bingtao and Xu Si into the top 32, 75 triumphant triumphs

News from the official website of the Chinese Billiards Association On the morning of March 1, Beijing time, the 2018 Snooker Welsh Open ended the second round of clashes. Liang Wenbo narrowly beat Selby 4-3 and joined Yan Bingtao, Xu Si, Yu Delu and Fang Xiong to advance to the top 32. On the same day, after O’Sullivan swept across the border, Higgins and Williams also defeated their opponents respectively, and the three masters of 75 were therefore all qualified for the third round. And Robertson is undoubtedly the most depressed player. On that day, he broke the 100 with three shots, but was sent home by the mediocre Burns. In addition, Trump was upset 1-4 and was sent off by Sancam.


When Ding Junhui was in a downturn, other Chinese players bravely carried the heavy burden. After 00, the teenager Yan Bingtao continued to play steadily, offering 57, 92 and 64 points in a single stroke, 4-2 to beat Australian rookie Dunham, and received a top 32 ticket. Next, Yan Bingtao will face the former world champion Alberton, who has the title of “King of Grinding”.

Professional rookie Xu Si also performed well, taking down George Wu 4-2, and Yu Delu also sent away Oliver Lanes 4-2. In the next round, Xu Si’s opponent is Mike Dunn, Yu Delu will face Wollaston.

In the final match of the day, Liang Wenbo and Selby fought hard to the decisive game. In the deciding game, Liang Wenbo scored a 52-0 lead, and Selby fell into the bag and recovered 32 points. Liang Wenbo collected the red ball 74-32 and super four shots. Selby made the final effort. In the end, Liang Wenbo was lucky enough to jump into the coffee ball. Selby finally gave in. In this way, Liang Wenbo narrowly defeated the world No. 1 4-3 and broke into 32. Strong. In the next round, Liang Wenbo’s opponent is Robbie Williams.

In the Chinese civil war, Fang Xiongshou won Chen Zifan 4-2. In the third round, Fang Xiongshou’s opponent was the 8th-ranked Barry Hawkins in the world. However, Lu Haotian lost 2-4 to Lisovski, who broke the 100th twice, and missed the next game.

In terms of other players, 75 Sanjie continued to show strong dominance. In addition to O’Sullivan’s 4-0 sweep of Dortmund, Higgins was not far behind. He scored 64 and 136 points in a single shot that day, relentlessly sending his Scottish fellow Maguire home with 4-1.

Mark Williams encountered strong resistance from Indian player Mehta, but Kim’s left hand broke a hundred and three shots with 70+, 4-3. In this way, the 75 Sanjie once again broke into the top 32 together. In the next third round, in addition to Williams’ opponent Gould slightly stronger, O’Sullivan’s opponent David Grace and Higgins’ opponent Craig were both weak. Not surprisingly, 75 Sanjie is expected to continue to move forward.

In addition, the defending champion Bingham defeated the 16-year-old Welsh player Page 4-2 on the same day. In the next round, Bingham will face another Welsh native player who has the title of “Welsh Dragon” Steven. S.

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