Ding Junhui World Cup defending match, monk Yilong fight broadcast request

Entering June, despite the two major football events of the America’s Cup and Women’s World Cup attracting attention in the hot summer, the Snooker World Cup, the Asian Championships in track and field, the Diamond League, and Wimbledon also kicked off at the end of June. , Of course, don’t forget, the battle between Yilong and Boqiu is also worth watching.

Ding Junhui strives to defend his title in the World Cup

The 2015 Snooker World Cup will be held in Wuxi from June 15 to 21. The host China will send the first and second teams to participate. Ding Junhui and Xiao Guodong will form the first Chinese team. Zhou Yuelong and Yan Bingtao will represent the second Chinese team. The Chinese team won the championship in 2011. Ding Junhui and Liang Wenbo won the undisputed championship in 7 games. Now they are playing at home. The goal of Ding Junhui and Xiao Guodong is naturally to reach the top of the World Cup.

The total prize money of the 2015 Snooker World Cup is as high as 800,000 US dollars (approximately 5 million yuan), of which the championship team alone takes 200,000 US dollars, while Selby and Bingham represent England, Higgins and Maguire are side by side for Scotland In combat, Australia and Wales also have Robertson and Williams in line, and it is not easy for China to win the championship.

Chinese beauty volleyball team will compete

In June of this year, the Chinese women’s volleyball team will compete with the US women’s volleyball team in four matches. The competition will be divided into two stops. The first stop will be held at the University of Hawaii on June 5 and 6, before moving to Southern California. This is also the winner of last year’s World Championships. The confrontation again. There is no doubt that the match is to warm up for the World Women’s Volleyball Grand Prix and the Women’s Volleyball World Cup. For the Chinese women’s volleyball team that won the Asian Championships, this match is very valuable. Take this opportunity to find out the shortcomings.

According to the official website of the American Volleyball Association, Chinese women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping announced the list of 15 people participating in the American Volleyball Cup. 12 of them were from the lineup that won the Asian Championships. Wei Qiuyue returned to the list. Face off with the World Championships champion, the Chinese women’s volleyball team will naturally go all out, which newcomers can stand out is also worth looking forward to.

Su Bingtian Asian Championships to score another 10 seconds?

The 2015 Asian Athletics Championships will be held in Wuhan Sports Center, Hubei Province from June 3rd to 7th. This year’s Asian Championships will have 42 events. According to regulations, athletes who win the Asian Championships can automatically participate in the World Championships. Qualification, this is undoubtedly a good opportunity to grab votes for Zhang Peimeng, who failed to meet the 10.16 entry standard.

Of course, the most eye-catching person is Su Bingtian. He broke the 10-second mark in the Diamond League Eugene battle and created the history of Asian track and field. Whether he can open the 10-second mark again in the next Asian Championships, it is definitely this time in Asia. One of the highlights of the championship. In addition, China’s 4X100m men’s relay team will also complete this year’s debut. Last year’s Incheon Asian Games the Chinese team ran a new Asian record of 37.99. The World Championships war is about to come, and the Chinese relay team will also be training in the Asian Championships. good chance.

Wimbledon Grand Slam kicks off

From June 29th to July 12th, 2015 Wimbledon will compete. As the third Grand Slam event of the year, what kind of surprises can Wimbledon bring us this year? Undoubtedly, with Li Na’s retirement, Zheng Jie’s old age, and Peng Shuai’s retirement due to injury, Chinese tennis’s journey at Wimbledon is bound to dim, and it is likely to continue the decline of the French Open women’s singles collective round. Of course, nothing is too much. Disheartened, maybe Zhang Shuai can break the curse of one round of Grand Slam at Wimbledon, and Zheng Saisai and Wang Qian are not completely without the opportunity to break through.

In 2014, Djokovic and Kvitova won the singles championship, but there are many suspenses in the women’s singles competition in 2015. Defending champions Kova, Shava, Serena Serena, Halep and Azarenka are all The favorite to win the championship, and the men’s singles is still the Big4 world. In contrast, the hot state of Xiaode is more optimistic about successfully defending the title, Federer will also try his best to hit his 18th Grand Slam champion.

Monk One Dragon Fights Muay Thai King Broadcasting

If the battle of the century between Pacquiao and Mayweather has attracted the attention of the world, the broadcast of the one-dragon showdown has also attracted great attention from Chinese and Thai kung fu fans. The organizers also hailed this event as the “War of the Century”. “One is the “China’s No. 1 Monk” who has won many KO boxing champions in various countries, and the other is a Muay Thai ace figure who has won countless honors and titles. Although the influence of the two battles is hard to match Pacquiao and Mayway. Se’s battle of the century was enough to excite many kung fu fans.

On June 6, the battle of the mixed martial arts boxing century was about to start. It was a battle between Muay Thai and martial arts. Both Yilong and Boqiu prepared for this match. Boqiu said that he must fight for the dignity of Muay Thai. In an interview, he said loudly. Cry: “Yilong, you are dead!”

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