Yushan: Relying on the World Championships of Chinese Billiards to Realize the World’s Gorgeous Transformation

The 2016 CBSA “Shangling Elevator” Cup Chinese Billiards World Championship will be held on March 13, 2016 in Yushan, Shangrao, China. This is especially true for this so-called Venice of the East, the Doctor County of China, the future China and even the world billiards capital. Busy and full of passion.

2016 CBSA “Shangling Elevator” Cup Chinese Billiards World Championship Press Conference

Why can a county town be able to host a world-class event for two consecutive years or even five consecutive years? Why can she join hands with the world famous billiard table brand Xingpai to push Chinese billiards on the fast track of international development? Why can she hold up the dream of Chinese billiards world? These all imply the secrets of Yushan’s new economic model.

World-class “mobile” economy, interpretation of the “cornerstone” of top pool tables

In the new era of Internet+ and China’s economic transformation, through high-speed rail and e-commerce, making Yushan’s precious resources available to China and the world is a magic weapon for Yushan’s economic growth rate to be leading in China and the world. “High-speed rail is the new fulcrum of China’s economy. In the near future, a large number of countries will go abroad. This is the link between China and the world economy.” said Wang Laihua, a professor at the Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences.

Yushan tried every means to finally set up a station in Yushan for the Hangzhou-Changzhou High-speed Railway. A new high-speed rail city integrating e-commerce, logistics, and ecological leisure emerged from the ground-280 acres of high-speed rail logistics center, 2,000 acres of e-commerce industrial park, China Electronics Business Association “National E-commerce Innovation Demonstration City”…This also further promotes the development of Yushan billiard industry. Yushan County cooperated with Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. to import processing technology and equipment from Italy and Germany, and use Yushan’s unique bluestone production The world’s top-level billiards game, with more than 30,000 sets of billiard tables, 150,000 billiard tables, and an annual output value of 400 million yuan. Such an industrial cluster has become the “cornerstone” for Yushan to host the Chinese-style billiards World Championships.

The world-class “synergy” economy makes the World Championships more popular

The development of global economic integration is becoming more and more mature. Yushan is actively using the Yangtze River Delta economic circle to create a synergistic economy, making the region more popular and accumulating a lot of popularity for the World Championships.

The Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle is an important advanced manufacturing base in the world. According to the “Regional Plan for the Yangtze River Delta Region” of the State Council, the Yangtze River Delta City Cluster is committed to building the world’s largest metropolitan area in 2018. Yushan will coordinate development with this giant to create a more popular economic model.

Yushan is known as “the first gateway of the Yuzhang”, “two rivers lock key, eight province thoroughfare”, and the southern provinces “overload terminal”. The Hangzhou-Changzhou high-speed rail, Shanghai-Kunming high-speed, Deshang high-speed, 320 National Road and Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway run through the county. Shanghai-Kunming high-speed rail and Hefu high-speed rail are about to open, and the Hangzhou-South-Changzhou high-speed rail is about to start construction. A two-hour economic circle is formed, and it takes only one hour to reach Hangzhou, forming a 1,000-kilometer development circle. Take the “high-speed rail” of the Yangtze River Delta Metropolis to develop together. With the rapid rise of billiards, bearings, and cement industries, the “economic mosaic” effect of Yushan’s integration into the Yangtze River Delta is beginning to appear.

In addition, driven by Yushan in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle, billiard clubs, billiard schools, billiards professional games, billiard classes in ordinary schools, etc. are in full swing. Watching the game through the high-speed rail during the competition has also become the norm for people in the Yangtze River Delta, and it is the Chinese Billiard World Championship Lay the foundation for its popularity.

World-class “event” economy to create an exclusive city card

It is precisely because of Yushan’s unique resources, transportation, location, government support, etc. that Xingpai dare to hold the Chinese Billiard World Championships here. The first Chinese billiards world championship supported by the world’s three major billiard organizations and Chinese independent intellectual property rights. It was held in Yushan County from January 24 to February 2, 2015. Selby, Robertson, Higgins, and Alber International celebrities such as Don, Trump, and Jin Jiaying participated in the competition. After 10 days, 304 players from 23 countries and four continents played 830 exciting games, which completely released the infinite charm of 30 years of accumulation of Chinese billiards.

The first Chinese Billiards World Championship champion Albertton

Jason Ferguson, President of the World Professional Snooker Association, Ian Anderson, President of the World Pool Association, and Maxime, Vice President of the International Billiards Federation, have all given the greatest recognition and support. Broad prospects and fresh vitality are of great significance to the development of world billiards.

Chen Junqing, secretary of the Shangrao Municipal Party Committee, believes that “The World Championships are a good platform for Shangrao to develop sports and promote national fitness. We will actively do a good job in various service guarantees to ensure the smooth progress and successful holding of the competition.” Zheng Xiaochun, secretary of the Yushan County Party Committee, said: “Yushan has set up a special preparatory organization to formulate a thorough work plan in terms of competition venues, logistics reception, security, publicity and reporting, and strive to create a safe, comfortable and beautiful competition environment for participating athletes.”

Large-scale sports events are the secret weapon of the city’s brand building. In 31 years, snooker has become the business card of the Crucible World City. Yushan is to Chinese billiards, just like Crucible is to snooker, Copenhagen is to cycling, and Yushan, like these cities, has built world-influential events and industries into the city’s business card, becoming the second Crucible— —The billiard capital of the world is their dream.

The “Sports Blue Book China Sports Industry Development Report (2015)” shows that the new goal of “the gross value of the industry in 2025 will reach 7 trillion yuan” is practical and feasible. In the context of the vigorous development of the sports industry, the economy of billiards has become an exclusive label for Yushan to build a world-class city.

World-class mobility, world-class collaboration, world-class competitions, world-class thinking and vision have jointly created a world-class future with a new model of economic development in Yushan. As a central county town, Yushan has taken a world-wide vision and pursuit of high-efficiency “flow” and ” “Synergy”, the development idea of ​​taking the initiative to stand on the shoulders of giants, and Chairman Xi’s development concept of “advocating innovation, focusing on coordination, advocating green, thick planting and opening, and promoting sharing” has a certain degree of conformity, which has given many counties of China the rapid development of the economy and the world , Opened up a new path.

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