Little girls also have big dreams. Pan Lantian’s dream of champion after zero and zero

Any sport continues in the transition between the old and the new, and billiards is no exception. Wang Ye, Zheng Xiaohuai, Shi Tianqi and others have used their outstanding performances to show people that since ancient times, heroes have been young. In the 2016 CBSA “Shengda Xinde” Cup Chinese Billiards China Classic, we ushered in a new “post-00” face-Pan Lantian.

This little girl, born in 2001, is a novice in Chinese billiards. This is the second time she has participated in a large-scale Chinese billiards event, who had previously specialized in fancy billiards. The first time was this year’s Miyun Chinese Billiards International Open. Due to lack of experience, I did not enter the main game. The second time was the current China Classic. I played all the way from the qualifiers and beat veteran Ma Yumin in the first round of the main game. , Got a good start.

Although he is a novice to Chinese billiards, Pan Lantian’s achievements are outstanding. Because her father thought she was not up to the level, he had not allowed her to play before. This year is the second year she has just been exposed to professional events. In this year’s Red Bull City Billiards League in Jiangsu Province, the fledgling Pan Lantian stood out among many male players, winning one championship and one sub-match in scoring tournaments, and a good result in the finals. At the just-concluded Emeishan World Women’s 9-Ball Championship, she also broke into the main match, but lost in the first round. She concluded that the reason for the loss was that her experience in handling the ball was too poor and her thinking was not clear to the opponent, but she was able to enter the main match. to achieve goals.

This girl who practices ball, jogging, reading, and practicing calligraphy every day has a fulfilling life. Pan Lantian believes that if life is flooded with billiards, it is not conducive to the overall development of the individual. Running to exercise physical strength, reading to broaden her horizons, and self-cultivation in calligraphy. At the China Classic this time, she said frankly: “I have a greater purpose of learning, and I also have a minimum goal, which is to advance to the top 8. Such a big event is really shocking, and the field alone feels very professional. And I noticed the field. All of the tables are equipped with heating system, which feels so advanced.”

Later, Pan Lantian also mentioned the Chinese Billiards World Championship next year, “I really want to participate, but I don’t know if the points will be enough. I didn’t participate in the previous two games because my father didn’t allow it. But next year if I have enough points, I will definitely go. of.”

When asked about Pan Lantian’s future goals, she said shyly: “Since I have identified the path of professional billiards, I will definitely go down. I can play both 9 ball and Chinese billiards. I hope in the future. Become a world champion”. We also believe that with extraordinary talent and hard training, Pan Lantian will definitely have her own “blue sky” in the new era of professional development of domestic billiards.

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