[Champions League] 4 world champions gathered in the luxury winner group!

On March 3, 2020, the work group 7 of the Snooker Champions League was completed. After registering for 5 rounds of qualifiers and accumulating 17,600 yuan, Dortmund finally made a prominent encirclement and became the final promoted winner group. Athletes. The main lineup of the final bloody battle was very luxurious, and the 7 athletes brought together 4 national champions-Robertson, Trump, Bingham and Dort.

The seventh group of the Champions League is the final qualifier. Seven athletes had to fight back for the final promotion quota. After the end of the day, the situation was unusually open to the outside world, and the 7 contestants also saved their expectations for promotion and replacement. In the second UEFA Champions League, Higgins was the first to succeed after beating Milkins 3-0. Since then, 2-4 places have been won by Dort, Gilbert, Williams, Lu Haotian, Wharton, and Milkins. Was eliminated.

In the first round of the knockout system, Dortmund swept Gilbert 3-0. Williams scored 3 shots and 60+. After a 1-1 draw with Higgins, he won 2 games in a row and was promoted 3-1. In the finals, Williams and Dortmund were between the first two innings. Since then, Dortmund scored a match point with 58 points. Williams scored 54 points in the fourth game, but Dortmund followed closely behind. He scored 68 points in a single stroke, defeated Williams 3-1, and was promoted to the winner group at the last minute.

Dort added the Champions League competition from the third working group, and after playing five rounds of qualifiers, he was promoted to the last class of the winner group. Dortmund became the athlete who signed up for the most qualifiers in this tournament. During the period, he recorded £17,600 and became the athlete with the most revenue in the qualifiers.

Karen Wilson signed up for 4 qualifiers but was unable to be promoted. He was the second-most athlete and the second-highest reward. However, Wilson scored 13 strokes during the period and ranked first in the number of over 100. The maximum score of a single stroke in the qualifiers is 145 points. It was created by Trump in the 6th working group. Trump was ranked in the winner group based on the success of only 1 round of qualifiers. He also earned £6,700. Become the biggest gain in a single round of qualifiers.

The winners group will continue on March 3-5. Its main lineup is very luxurious. Among the 7 contestants, 4 national champions-Trump, Robertson, Dortmund and Bingham are brought together. The competition rules of the winner group are exactly the same as those of the qualifiers. The final championship will receive £10,000 and a ticket to the championship. “China Sports” zhibo.tv owns the exclusive rights to the Champions League and broadcasts the entire game.

“Champions League” Schedule & Lineup

October 7-10

Group 1: B. Hawkins, N. Robertson, M. Selby, R. Day, J. Lisowski, J. Robertson, L. Brecher

Group 2: K. Wilson, G. Wilson, S. Bingham, M. Selby, B. Hawkins, R. Day, J. Lisowski

October 21-24

Group 3: G. Wilson, T. Ford, K. Wilson, M. Celter, G. Dot, Xiao Guodong, B. Wollaston

Group 4: S. Donaldson, K. Wilson, G. Dort, J. Perry, T. Ford, A. Carter, M. Selter

January 6-9

Group 5: M. Williams, J. Perry, A. McGill, D. Gilbert, G. Dort, T. Ford, K. Wilson

Group 6: D. Gilbert, J. Trump, J. Higgins, G. Dot, M. Williams, J. Perry, M. King

March 2-5

Group 7: J. Higgins, G. Dort, D. Gilbert, M. Williams, Lu Haotian, R. Wharton, R. Milkins

Winner group: N. Robertson, S. Bingham, G. Wilson, S. Donaldson, A. McGill, J. Trump, G. Dot

Data source: “Billiards are not noisy”

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