“Shuangzhe Cup” 10 Red Ball Green Championships “White horses are not horses, dark horses win the world”



The top 8 players took a break and immediately started the quarter-stage competition. Among the top 8 popular players who were optimistic about before the game, Chen Zifan was the only one left, and the home game was well-located. The match against Song Yang was not surprisingly arranged at the anchor table. At the beginning of the game, Chen Zifan started quite well and took a 2-1 lead. The fourth round was very exciting. Song Yang took the lead and scored 33 points. The rest of the table was also very complicated, which laid a good foundation for this round; but Chen Zifan The good start feeling continued. When 41 points were scored in a row, there were only three blue, pink and black balls left on the table. Chen Zifan showed a good game experience when he hit a 5-pointer, and he chose the mother very carefully. The line of the ball, the predictive position, and the cue ball also cleverly walked to the expected position. Within half a table, the cue ball and the pink ball are straight to the bottom left corner of the bottom pocket. As long as Chen Zifan scores, he can get the match point 3-1. All the audience, even Song Yang, felt that Chen Zifan was set to win this game, but something unexpected happened after the ball was hit. Chen Zifan seemed to be affected by some off-court factors, and the pink ball was not scored. The so-called “If you survive a catastrophe, you will have luck.” Song Yang scored 6 or 7 points to tie the score, and then won the black ball, chasing the score to 2-2. In the 5th and 6th innings, Chen and Song each went down, and the game also entered a white-hot decisive game. Chen Zifan, who had a chance to play later, had a big angle on the yellow ball after finishing the red ball. There was a mistake, and he could only watch Song Yang advance.


In the other three quarter-finals, Chen Feng 4-3 Niuzhuang, Pang Junxu 4-0 Wang Zepeng, Liu Yiqi 4-2 Zhang Yinhu. So far, the top four are all non-popular players before the game. Such a result can’t help but sigh the fierce competition among young players. It is the generation of talents who have led the way for hundreds of days.

Pang Junxu remained in good condition this morning. After sweeping Wang Zepeng 4-0 yesterday, he eliminated his opponent Chen Feng 4-1 and advanced to the final, waiting for the winner of Liu Yiqi-Song Yang to compete for the championship at 15:30.

TOP147.com Xianyang News The first day of the “Shuangzhe Cup” 10 Red Ball Green Championship, dark horse players advanced one after another, and all the players who advanced in the first qualifying match were wiped out. The second legion players who were promoted in the second qualifying round suddenly emerged and made a strong counterattack; 7 of the 8 players advanced to the quarterfinals, and only Long Zehuang lost to Chen Zifan. Popular players Lu Ning and Wang Yuchen were eliminated one after another; Huang Jiahao, a perfect player who fought at the anchor table, also lost 2-4 to the giant killer Wang Zepeng; the rest of the first legion player Feng Zeyuan alone got a 3 point match point. After the start of the race, the atmosphere of the game was obviously much more tense than the qualifying stage. In the 1/8 competition, all single strokes of 50+ are only 9 strokes, which is far behind the qualifying stage data.

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