6 Red Ball World Championships, Fu Jiajun won the first match, Li Junwei and Lv Haotian suffered setbacks

The 2017 6 Red Ball World Championship ended its first match day in Bangkok, Thailand. Fu Jiajun, currently ranked 6th in the world, defeated Welsh veteran Darren Morgan 5-2 after a small encounter, and the group stage started to win. Lu Haotian and Li Junwei lost to their opponents and lost the first game of the group stage. In addition, “Golden Left Hand” Williams and Dot and other hots have also ushered in a good start.


This is the third time that Fu Jiajun has signed up to participate in this event. His previous best result here was the top 8 in 2015. In the first group stage of this competition, with Fu Jiajun in Group H are Welsh players Morgan and Michael White, as well as England’s Wollaston.

Fu Jiajun’s first opponent was 51-year-old veteran Darren Morgan. In the first game, Fu Jiajun scored 19 points and missed the green ball. Morgan recovered the 14-point cue ball without touching the pink ball and voluntarily surrendered, so Fu Jiajun made the first move.

In the second game, Fu Jiajun was 7-22 behind and cleared from the last red ball, 33-22 in a single game reversed. After that, Fu Jiajun became better and he won the third game with 34 points in a single stroke, bringing the total score on the field to 3-0.

In the fourth game, Fu Jiajun 16-5 left the red ball in the pocket corner. Fortunately, the black ball and the pink ball blocked the line of the ball. Morgan tried to hook in, but failed, and Fu Jiajun won the game 4-0 straight to the match point.

When life was hanging by a thread, Morgan, who had twice entered the ranking finals in the early 1990s, finally regained his glory, seizing the opportunity of two shots to win the fifth inning, closing the sixth inning 50-0, and winning two consecutive games. After the match point, the score will be chased to 2-4.

Faced with the opponent’s steadily pressing, Fu Jiajun re-adjusted his state and caught Morgan’s low-level error in the pink ball and scored 36 points. Although the cue ball smashed the bag, he still completed the over score. With the last three colored balls left on the table, Morgan made the last effort and returned without success. Fu Jiajun scored the blue goal and secured the victory. In this way, Fu Jiajun beat Morgan with a total score of 5-2, and the group stage wins.

In the game earlier in the day, Chinese teenager Lu Haotian in Group A lost 2-5 to Tom Ford who replaced Brechel. On the next day, Lu Haotian will dedicate a derby with Ding Junhui.

In addition, Mark Williams of Group F beat Iranian player Wahdi 5-1. Gould and Dortmund in Group G both ushered in a good start with 5-1. They were defeated by Gilbert and Hong Kong player Li Junwei.

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