Jingdian billiards join hands with Jaguar billiard cue to create new glory in billiards industry

Snooker is a popular sports competition among those born in the 80s and 90s. According to a survey and research report of a technical professional organization, the total number of billiard rooms in first- and second-tier cities is widely around 200, and in third- and fourth-tier cities, the average total number of ball rooms is also around 20. According to incomplete statistical analysis, there are at least 10 million snooker fans and professional football players nationwide. Therefore, the billiard fitness exercise is very in line with the future development trend, and it is also very compliant with everyone’s requirements for improving the quality of life, and the market prospect is great.

Along with the warming up of billiard fitness, the industry chain of billiard facilities is also following the development trend of the time period, with continuous improvement and independent innovation. Behind the development trend of billiard fitness sports, it is indispensable to show the applicability of billiard equipment service providers. As the first brand in the billiard industry and the promoter of the industry’s development prospects, Jingdian billiards has a high reputation and brand effect since its inception.

As the general agent of Jaguar billiards in China-Jingdian Billiards, founded in 2009, is a systematic billiards that integrates billiards chain sales, equipment market sales, ball room design, staff skill training, and staff assignments. organization.

For billiard enthusiasts, the pool cue may be the most critical “little partner”. A pool cue that fits your heart and hands together can definitely increase your confidence when serving. A good billiard cue must have top-quality materials, in fact, the addition of new technology elements can also help users quickly improve their standards.

The product development and manufacturing of the high-tech front section of the Jaguar are all carried out at the Jaguar processing plant located in the wild in Chicago, Massachusetts, using a new aerospace-grade composite tow engineering construction method. Patented BK mixed forelimbs, R2 molecular structure and multi-relative density foam box composite polymer material tube, so that each forelimb has a smaller quality and a higher level of mechanical energy transmission.

In addition, the bk-rush punch adopts a four-point system as a method. Based on the basic scientific research and testing, according to the design plan to improve the compressive strength and bending stiffness, the equilibrium point of the billiard cue is reused to make it unique Its compressive strength and a more reliable hit feel promotes football players to make their power easier and more precise. It is the best choice for every national champion.

It is understood that the Jaguar pool cue 9K series products and the latest Jaguar chronic poison will also meet with many Taiwan football fans in 2019. The 9K series billiard cue adopts a new and upgraded design concept, performance C4+ technical support point, unassuming wire frame, extended luxury leather stock butt with Jaguar exclusive 314, Z3, Vantage or REVO front section. The release of the 9K series of billiard cues will enable every football player and enthusiast to accurately position themselves and win!

The powerful combination of pool cues and Jingdian billiards of the Jaguar series means that each other will present a large number of better choices in the billiard industry for football players and enthusiasts, and each other will flexibly use Jingdian platforms to promote each other’s billiard work in my country.

The future market prospect of the billiard manufacturing industry is very bright and promising. With more and more high-tech energy, well-known cue brand equipment, and the entry of outstanding technical professional billiard talents, the promoters of the billiard manufacturing industry, which means billiards, will definitely make billiards fitness sports and billiards work. Step into the new glory!

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