Tangshan Jaguar Land Rover Club friendly match ended, blue and white porcelain table shining in the audience

On March 10th, Beijing time, the Tangshan Huitong Luhua Jaguar Land Rover Club friendly match was held at the Tangshan Star Billiards Club. Dozens of golfers from all over Tangshan gathered in the Star Billiards Club to promote mutual exchanges during the game. This event also won the strong support of Beijing Xingwei Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. Xingpai showed the blue and white porcelain table with traditional Chinese characteristics in the private table series, which made the fans shine.

In the afternoon, members of the Che Youhui drove their cars to the Star Billiards Club. For a time, the parking lot under the club was occupied by Land Rover cars of various styles. Members of these clubs often go to the ball room to play, and there are also good fans. Since it is a friendly match, everyone knows each other, so the players of both sides decide who kicks off first. In the first game, a player had just decided to let the opponent kick-off first, but he immediately “regretted” his decision, because the opponent directly went up and cleared the table with a beautiful rush, and quickly went 3-0. Ended the battle. However, everyone is not too concerned about winning or losing the game. It is happy to win, and it is not unhappy to lose. Everyone is participating in the competition with the purpose of focusing on participation. The atmosphere of the game is quite good.

After an afternoon of contention, Wu Jun and Dong Yu defeated their opponents and reached the finals. Star Billiards Club and Huitong Luhua Jaguar Land Rover Club also prepared a sumptuous buffet for the members of Che Youhui. After the meal, Xingpai showed everyone the blue and white porcelain Chinese 8-ball table, the first product of the private table series. As soon as this table was unveiled, it immediately attracted everyone’s attention. The star billiards club also sent its own coach to give everyone a wonderful fancy performance on this table, and the fans also spontaneously came to the stage to try. Afterwards, the finals began, and the two players also dedicated a good level of competition. In the end, Wu Jun was better and won 4-1. At the same time, he also got two free maintenance opportunities for the Land Rover provided by the Huitong Luhua Jaguar Land Rover Club.

Signature: Star Billiards

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