World billiards masters such as Pan Xiaoting and Sanya “Grassroots King” swing on the same field_Billiards_Billiards

Xingpai pool table. The world’s No. 1 World Championship defending Chen Siming performed a fancy nine-goal one-shot clearance and received cheers on the spot… On December 5th, the 2018 Hainan Sanya Global Women’s 9-ball Open Basketball stars boosted the Sanya champion theme event Held at the Sanya Bay Mangrove Resort Hotel, five global billiards masters from all over the world including Liu Shasha, the national champion, and Sanya “Grassroots Entrepreneurship King” played on the same stage, creating an eye-opening fancy billiards for Sanya citizens and tourists show.

On the same day, the national champion Liu Shasha, Italian fancy pool professional player Jia Simin Oschun, American fancy pool legend, Alison Fisher, who is known as the “Destroying the Countess” in the pool world, and other global billiards masters and Sanya billiards The 4 contestants who won the challenge started the match match online. Jia Simin Ou Sichun and Wang Jin’s professional team won the match match championship at the rate of Superman 2. Wang Jin said: “Playing with the international-level great gods wants me to experience the style of billiards and get the great god’s advice on the spot. In this tournament, he will win a lot.

Technical skills. ”

On the spot, Chen Siming and “After 9 Ball Days” Pan Xiaoting gave Sanya citizens and tourists a fancy nine-goal one-shot clearing of the stage and other wonderful performances.

The person in charge of the Sanya Municipal Bureau of Culture and Sports said that the Global Women’s 9-Ball Open is the most tempting A-level billiards tournament in the world, attracting many top-level football players from around the world every year; The Sanya World Cup Amateur Tournament is combined to help the participants understand their own standards and differences as soon as possible. In addition, the Sanya World Cup’s internal letters are enriched to promote national sports in Sanya as soon as possible.

This theme event was organized by the Sanya Municipal People’s Government, etc., and co-organized by the Sanya Municipal Bureau of Culture and Sports.

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