Teacher Huo made a decision, which is not good news for Chinese fans.

Star Billiards News “Rocket” O’Sullivan lost to Trump 7-9 in the final of the Northern Ireland Open that ended yesterday, failing to achieve consecutive wins in the Champions League and Northern Ireland Qualifying. Feat.

After the game, O’Sullivan said Trump played well and fully deserved the championship. At the same time, he also revealed his plans for the rest of the season, which is undoubtedly bad news for the Rockets around the world.

“The game in Belfast is like a show of honor for me. I just play a game that I like to participate in.”

“I will not travel from China to Gibraltar, to Malta, to Timbuktu, to Crawley, then to China, to India, to Belgium, to Wales, to China again. You won’t see me doing this again in the future, unless someone is willing to write me a huge check, so high that I can’t refuse, I will consider this torturous trip.”

“I will always stay in the UK to reduce my number of trips. There are many places in the UK where I can play snooker.”

“I may play in a dirty old-fashioned snooker club, in front of 125 fans who really love the sport, or in a tournament, the most important thing is that I have fun. ”

“I just like to play, so I have a lot of choices.”

O’Sullivan’s next appearance will be in the British Championships in Yorkshire on November 27, which will also be the penultimate qualifying game held in the UK in 2018. Then on December 10, the Scottish Open will start in Glasgow.

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