Featured leisure city set off billiards style, Anhui Chuzhou builds top ball room

On July 28th, 2012, Lechao Star Billiards Club will be grandly opened in Chuzhou City, Anhui Province, which is rich in history and culture and one of the top ten characteristic leisure cities in the country. It has a 2,600 square meter venue and a powerful lineup of 59 top billiard tables. , Opened a new chapter in Chuzhou leisure and entertainment.

“The meaning of drunken man is not in wine, but also between mountains and rivers”; “The Story of Drunkard Pavilion” by Ouyang Xiuhe, a writer of the Northern Song Dynasty, reminds people of the deep and beautiful scenery of Chuzhou and the peaceful and peaceful life of Chuzhou people. “The spring tide comes with rain late, and there is no boat on the wild ferry.” The Tang Dynasty poet Wei Yingwu’s “Chuzhou West Stream” also gave an excellent depiction of the quiet and idyllic scenery of Chuzhou. Chuzhou, a beautiful city with the charm of Wu, Chu, Huaiyang and the breeze of the Jianghuai Lake and the sea, has been favored by countless literati and writers since ancient times. The beautiful scenery and quiet and peaceful residents make this ancient city a livable city in the eyes of countless people in today’s chaotic and anxious society. Especially in 2011, Chuzhou City was rated as one of the top ten characteristic leisure cities in the country. The city’s charm has undoubtedly aroused people’s attention to Chuzhou in the new era.

Quiet and leisure, seems to be a factor flowing in the blood of Chuzhou people since ancient times. However, with the changes in social and cultural life, people’s living standards have undergone earth-shaking changes, and various leisure and entertainment methods are also facing new tests. In the past, many leisure methods have been unable to meet the requirements of life in the new era. As an elegant and comfortable sport, billiards is undoubtedly very suitable for better promotion in Chuzhou. Quiet, elegant, comfortable and healthy, the game of billiards is a perfect match for Chuzhou people. Unfortunately, limited to the level of development of billiards, billiards are not yet popular in the Chuzhou market.

After careful market research and in-depth cooperation with Xingpai, Lechao Entertainment Group, the largest entertainment city in Chuzhou, has established Lechao Xingpai Billiards Club, opening a wider door to Chuzhou’s entertainment and leisure life. The strong entry of 59 star tables has given Chuzhou people a better place for leisure and entertainment while working. Gao Yongkang, general manager of Anhui Lechao Xingpai Billiards Club, and Mr. Li Yong, vice president of Chuzhou Billiards Association and well-known player, recently made a special trip to Xingpai’s headquarters to visit the factory, workshop and exhibition hall. The production and processing technology of the table has a deeper certainty. During the cooperation with Xingpai, they deeply felt Xingpai’s efforts to promote the development of China’s billiards. They believed that under Xingpai’s vigorous promotion, Chuzhou’s billiards would surely develop further and rapidly. The main business of the parent company of Lechao Entertainment Group is chain medicine and equipment monopoly, with an annual turnover of nearly 1 billion. Lechao has great experience in chain management. In the field of billiards, Lechao also has a plan from a regional chain to a national chain.

“To find a partner, Xingpai is of course the best choice!” General Manager Gao Yongkang said sincerely after visiting Xingpai.

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