CBSA “China Sports Lottery” Cup Chinese Billiards China Open is ready

On November 7th, China·Shangrao·Yushan 2015 CBSA “China Sports Lottery” Cup Chinese Billiards China Open is ready to welcome players and spectators with a new look and an open attitude.

As the organizer and sponsor of this Chinese Open of Chinese Billiards, Xingpai Billiards provided the official designated table for the Chinese Billiards World Championships as a game table to ensure the smooth progress of the game. The materials for the designated table for the Chinese Billiard World Championships are exquisite, and Xingpai’s advanced patented technology is integrated. It is currently the best Chinese-style billiard table for Xingpai. This billiard table is made of imported wood, the surface is coated with high-brightness metal paint, and the paint film is tough to increase the service life. The tablecloth adopts the “No. 10 velvet” of British brand 6811. This tablecloth is a special tablecloth for snooker billiards, and it is of the highest quality in the world. A 37-point leveling system with a steel frame structure is used to adjust the height of the slate at any time to ensure the flatness of the table. The leather mouth is made of natural top layer cowhide, which is durable and not easy to break. The unique numerical control heating dehumidification and moisture-proof system can adjust the internal temperature of the table at any time, keep the internal environment dry, and make the ball run more smoothly.

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