How much is a billiard table for children

Children’s pool table. Billiards is an elegant indoor sport that is popular internationally. It is an indoor recreational and fitness sport in which the club hits the ball on the table and uses the estimated score to decide whether to win or lose. Billiards has rapidly developed into many varieties: Chinese billiards, Russian billiards, English billiards, American billiards and so on.

Children’s introductory billiard skills teaching

1, body posture

The correct posture should be that your feet should be slightly shoulder-width apart. (Take the right hand holding the stick as an example). The right foot is straight, the left foot is bent, and the body is naturally attached to the table. At this time, you should feel that your feet and your body are Very stable, without excessively leaning forward or sitting back, and there is no discomfort in the body. Special emphasis is placed on standing on both feet and body comfort.

You can do the following experiment: leave your body on the table, don’t take the pole, put your hands behind your back or hang down naturally, and then try to lower your body. At this time, it will be easy to feel if you are not standing firmly.

2, hand frame

The hand frame is also very important in the process of hitting. Its role is to act as the third fulcrum of the body, providing a stable channel for the shot and adjusting the cue ball hitting point. In short, whether the hand frame is stable is a prerequisite for scoring.

First of all, open your palm and press it on the table, close your palms, grasp the table with your four fingers, and form a solid V-shaped channel with your thumb close to the index finger. It is worth noting that the index finger and the root of the thumb must not leave the table during the entire hitting process, and the hand shape cannot Loose at any time.

3. Grip

Many players like to hold the club tightly, even after a long time there will be a callus on the hand, and this is not strong enough, the practical fingers can hold the club lightly. In fact, playing billiards is like nailing nails. If you hold the hammer very tightly, your wrists will become stiff. Just imagine how you would nail nails like this.

4, test rod

After the body is lying on the table, the next thing to do is to test the bar. You should keep the forearm of the grip bar relaxed and naturally vertical. In other words, the fingers, arms, elbow joints and shoulder joints of your grip should be very good. Relax, so that you can exert force. If it is very rigid, it will affect your force and accuracy of hitting.

Then place the club as flat as possible. At this time, your “fist”, chin, hand frame and the target ball should be in a straight line. Then, use your forearm to gently drive the club to make a horizontal twitch. Keep your head close to the hitting point of the cue ball, so that you can try 3 or 4 times to make it feel smooth. Pay attention to the rhythm, not too fast.

5. Aiming

Many people are eager to lie down on the billiard table and prepare to hit after getting a chance. In fact, you might as well go to the edge of the table and bend down to see the correct aiming point. Due to the angle of view, some angles of the ball are when you reach The angle seen behind the table is not correct, especially for balls that look straight.

After you correctly find the aiming point of the target ball, many people’s sights begin to lose track of where they should be. In fact, when you try out, your eyes can be on the hitting point of the cue ball and the target ball. There are no hard and fast rules between the point of impact and the mouth of the bag.

But one thing is certain, that is, when the shot is taken, the eyes should be on the target ball, not the cue ball, let alone the pocket. Many people look up at the pocket immediately after the shot. This is a very bad habit. , Before the hitting action was completed, he got up early and raised his head, causing a hitting error.

6, stick out

The arm drives the club to pull back horizontally to find the point of force. The amount of pull depends on the amount of force you need. Pay attention to the level of the lever. If you need to force it, you can loosen the back three fingers at this time, otherwise the wrist will feel I am awkward. After finding the power point, there is a very short stay. At this time, you have to prepare mentally and physically, and then you can take the shot with confidence.

Don’t have any hesitation. Be careful not to shoot too hard. Gradually increase the force. When the club head reaches the cue ball, add it to the maximum. At this time, you will experience a sensation of piercing the cue ball. It takes a long period of practice to complete it.

If you suddenly exert force, then you can only hear the sound of the ball hitting the ball without the sense of penetration. Many people think that even if one strike is completed here, it is actually very important to maintain the body after the shot, except for the eyes and arms during the whole strike.

All other parts must remain still until the target ball is pocketed or the cue ball has become stationary. Do not raise your head in advance, get up, and do not move forward with the stroke. In addition, the hand frame must remain undeformed.

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