Interview with Star Signed Player Li Hewen: To play a good game, you must adjust your mentality

Li Hewen, a famous Chinese billiard player and a world champion of nine-ball doubles, participated in the Tianjin Qualifying Tournament of the CBSA “Star·Jinpeng” Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament. After the game, Li Hewen, dressed in a relaxed suit, accepted an interview with reporters.

Reporter: How did you feel about your performance this afternoon?

Li Hewen: Today I won the opponent 5 to 3, but the state is not very good, and my attitude is not very good, a little too relaxed. To be honest, I feel a bit sorry for billiards and I need to adjust my mentality.

Reporter: What do you think of the opponent’s performance?

Li Hewen: The opponent has never seen it before and is not familiar with it, but I feel that he has not performed his best.

Reporter: You participated in the CBSA National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament last year and this year. What is your comment on the game environment and other experience?

Lee Hewen: I played 4 games last year, but this year I went to Korea to play the Asian Games (Asian Indoor Games) and I didn’t have the chance to participate in the last round of the rankings. It’s a pity. I feel that this event is well organized, and it is also the highest level of Chinese billiards in China. The competition environment and equipment are top-notch compared to other Chinese billiards competitions.

Reporter: What is the difference between playing in Korea and playing in China?

Li Hewen: When participating in that game, representing the country to participate in the sports meeting, the national flag is affixed on it, and I feel more nervous.

Reporter: What are your thoughts on the development of Chinese billiards games?

Lee Hewen: I think the current CBSA development is pretty good. If it continues to develop, it can attract outstanding players from other Asian countries and Europe and the United States to play CBSA. I believe it will have a good impact on the atmosphere of Chinese billiards and other aspects.

Lee Hewen is the 2010 World Cup doubles champion and is currently a star sign player. After the CBSA Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament in 2012, Li Hewen ranked first in points and became the number one Chinese billiard player. Since he started playing billiards in June 1996, Hewen Lee won the runner-up of the National Nine-Ball Championship and the runner-up of the Asian Sports Festival in 1998. In the 2000 National Sports Conference, he represented the Liaoning team and won the individual nine-ball championship and third in the team competition. In 2007, the Dutch world won the championship in nine-ball doubles.

Speaking of his game today, Li Hewen said sincerely that he was actually in poor condition and his mentality needed to be adjusted. Next, he would put pressure on him appropriately and pay more attention to the competition for the top 32 hegemony. Recently, we also need to get in touch more closely to prepare for the nine-ball tournament to be held in September.

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