O’Sullivan 1-6 Yan Bingtao praised his opponents as Hendry Higgins

On the evening of October 30, 2017, “Rocket” O’Sullivan appeared in the International Championships against the 17-year-old Yan Bingtao. The game ended two and a half hours after the start. The score was fixed at 1-6, and O’Sullivan was out in the first round. After the game, O’Sullivan spent a long time praising the player who had just landed in the World Pro Tournament.


This game had a total of 7 rounds of contests, resulting in the only one to break a hundred, from O’Sullivan’s hands. O’Sullivan won the third game with 111 points, and has since played the role of the audience. On the other hand, Yan Bingtao, although he did not break a hundred in a single stroke, he basically won by one stroke in the 6 games he won. From the fourth to the sixth inning, O’Sullivan was blocked three times and only scored 5 points in the last game.

“I think I am in a good state today.” O’Sullivan came to the press center for an interview after the game. “Today’s Yan Bingtao is better than most of the previous players’ performance against me.” O’Sullivan said he could do it in history. Only Hendry and Higgins have reached this point. Last week, O’Sullivan just won the English Open championship. “Yes, I did well in Barnsley last week, but today I was completely suppressed by my opponents.”

Because of a foot injury, O’Sullivan has been wearing sneakers in recent competitions, and today is no exception. “This is not an excuse for losing the game today. I didn’t wear leather shoes because it would still be a little uncomfortable.”

“When I lost the ball and left the opponent with a chance, Yan Bingtao caught it.” O’Sullivan said that his luck was not very good today. “But when you play well, you can bring yourself. With luck, this is what Yan Bingtao did today.”

Yan Bingtao comes from the CBSA World Snooker Academy and officially landed in the World Pro Tour last year. Last season, Yan Bingtao performed well and won the title of Rookie of the Year awarded by the World Taiwan Federation. In today’s post-match interview, O’Sullivan spent a long time praising the 17-year-old. “I know that he played very well in his first season in the professional game. If he can replicate the performance of today’s game next, he will definitely go a long way in this game. If he can be stable Going on, I believe he will win many, many competitions.”

“He has great abilities, his safety ball is very good, his temperament and his personality are also very good, he can control himself well on the table, appear very confident, this is the quality required for a championship.”

Then, Yan Bingtao came to the press conference. Speaking of the game that just ended, Yan Bingtao said: “It feels okay.” This morning and before the game started in the evening, Yan Bingtao updated his circle of friends and posted the list of signings for this station and the score sheet of his opponents. The text is: “Come on, I am fearless”.


“Actually, I was cheering myself up. I lost to him once before, and that time I actually played well.” With the last match, Yan Bingtao said that if he played well, he would still have a chance to beat O’Sullivan. . “Today, in all aspects, I think I did a good job, better than expected.”

In the face of O’Sullivan who exists like a god, the 17-year-old who has just landed in the professional game admits that there are still fluctuations in his heart. “I was actually a little nervous when I was leading 4-1. After all, I was ahead of him so much.”

In his career, in addition to O’Sullivan, the world number one Mark Selby was also Yan Bingtao’s defeat. “I think I can win or lose to anyone right now,” Yan Bingtao said, “So what I ask of myself is to hope that I will be calmer and more mature in the future, so that I can avoid some things that shouldn’t happen.” Yan Bingtao learned a lot of lessons in the professional competition. “In terms of controlling myself, I am not as good as those top players.”

At the age of 17, getting such results has been very eye-catching. When a reporter asked him if he thought he was the best player under the age of 20, Yan Bingtao said: “I don’t think I am the best, but I have the confidence to be the best. The one.”

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