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Xingpai pool table. A red carpet symbolizing “to the top and to success” was cast between Wenchang Pavilion and the Bingxi water bank. Cheering football fans, busy journalists, and flourishing special guests all focused their eyes together. . my country? Shangrao? Yushan “Red Ruima” Cup 2018 Snooker Global League was grandly held on August 5 in Yushan, Jiangxi.

Sun Jusheng, Deputy Governor of Jiangxi Provincial Government, Ma Chengzu, Secretary of Shangrao Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Lin Jun, Deputy Director of Jiangxi Sports and Culture, Gan Lianfang, President of Beijing Xingpai Group and Top Consultant of Global Snooker Research Association, the establishment process of Global Snooker Association Jason Ferguson, Zhu Meiqing, Director of the Office of the National People’s Congress of Shangrao City, Zheng Shaowei, Executive Deputy Mayor of Shangrao City People’s Government, Yang Jianlin, Secretary-General of Shangrao Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, Gu Haimin, Vice Chairman of Shangrao Municipal People’s Government, Hu Jianfei, Secretary of Yushan County Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, China Xu Shubin, head of the Organization Department of the Yushan County Government of the Communist Party; Xu Shubin, head of the Yushan County and Municipal People’s Government; Gan Liantong, Deputy Secretary of the Chinese Billiards Association and Deputy General Manager of Beijing Xingpai Group; Liu Chunsheng, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Billiards Association; Director of the Organization Department of the Yushan County Government of the Communist Party of China Luo Laishui, Zhang Xiangyang, head of the National People’s Congress of Yushan County, Zhu Mingshan, chairman of the CPPCC of Yushan County, Xu Fangqin, CEO of Jiangxi Hongruima Seamless Steel Tube Co., Ltd. and other leading cadres as special guests, and more than 100 journalists from Eastern and Western news media, They mutually confirmed the grand game moment of the opening meeting.

Participants in the opening meeting were also the policy research office of the Jiangxi Provincial People’s Government, the Jiangxi Sports Bureau, the heads of the Shangrao Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, the Municipal People’s Government and relevant departments, as well as the members of the four teams of Yushan County.

The 2018 Snooker Global League is mutually organized by the Chinese Billiards Association, the Global Post Snooker Research Association, the Jiangxi Sports Bureau, and the Shangrao Municipal People’s Government. The Yushan County and Municipal People’s Government and the Jiangxi Provincial Xingpai Sports Culture Development Trend Limited Liability The company co-organized a global top ranking snooker competition. In 2019, the total prize money of the competition has been increased to 735,000, of which the overall champion will be alone with 150,000. As the first ranking match of the snooker season in my country, this tournament attracted 72 top football players in the world, including Ding Junhui, Selby, Williams, and Robertson. Among them, the qualifiers for defending Ding Junhui and World Championship champion Williams will be held in Yushan.

Snooker Billiards Global League is a well-known brand competition with 36 years of history. The competition has been held twice in Yushan, Jiangxi, and has achieved great success. Liu Chunsheng, vice chairman of the Chinese Billiards Association, feels that the two successful snooker global leagues have achieved extraordinary social development effects for my country’s snooker fitness. The elegant, wise and civilized behavior of snooker fitness also brings Yushan This fascinating place leads to the whole country and to the whole world. The establishment process of the Global Snooker Billiards Association Jason Ferguson expressed support for the aspect ratio. She said that the snooker billiards fitness sport can develop rapidly and become popular in my country and even in Asia. It is indispensable for the Chinese Billiards Association and various parties. Continue to promote. I firmly believe that under the joint efforts of Shangrao Yushan, Xingpai and Hongrui Ma, the 2018 Snooker Global League must be a splendid game.

Yushan is a charming city with unique characteristics, rich culture and arts, and green ecology. Since 2015, it has entered two snooker global leagues and four Chinese billiards world championships. The two new world events are introduced here. The film “snooker hot soil” quickly grows roots, sprouts, and bears fruit. Zheng Shaowei, Executive Deputy Mayor of Shangrao Municipal People’s Government, feels that Shangrao Yushan takes the infrastructure “my country’s billiard capital, the world’s billiard capital” as a personal business card of a big city, and operates it as a well-known cultural and artistic brand. The event table tennis tournament has key practical significance to promote the widespread development of national sports and the rapid development trend of Shangrao sports. Yushan County Party Committee Secretary Hu Jianfei expressed that in accordance with the continuous and active promotion of the Yushan International Billiard Culture City and the international billiard industry base construction project, Yushan has embarked on a path of development trend of sports culture with characteristics of “commodity + competition + industry chain + culture and art”. The third Snooker Global League has already begun. Yushan will make every effort to ensure the various service guarantees for the game, so that friends from the East and the West can enjoy the charm and splendor of snooker.

The branch venue of the opening meeting of this competition was carefully planned in the Yushan folk culture and tourism complex-Qili Street, which is “full line through the past and present”. History, humanity and human civilization are in harmony with each other, and natural landscape and natural scenery are combined with each other. European culture and art means that snooker billiards and the ancient streets and new scenes that have invaded the ancient capital of culture and art for thousands of years are connected to each other through the game, showing the unique charm and charm of the snooker global league.

72 basketball stars have stepped on the shining and supremely glorious red carpet and left themselves on the signature wall. What is artistically creative is that the red carpet central government has set a park that means happiness, and football players will After putting the red number in the hand, the “inscribed circle” produced means that the mutually hopeful snooker global league will definitely come to a successful conclusion.

As an old friend of Yushan, World Championship champion Williams was the first to step onto the red carpet. When the world’s No. 1 Selby and defending Ding Junhui stepped on the red carpet side by side, football fans burst into applause. Selby expressed his pleasure to be able to reach Yushan and firmly believes that the next event will be carried out successfully. In response to the grand opening, Ding Junhui sighed and said: “Yushan is my treasure place, where I won the 13th overall championship in the rankings. Thank you football fans for your application. I hope everything goes well this time!”

For a long time, the Snooker Global League has been widely praised for its technical expertise in operation and management. As the organizer and operating company of the game, Xingpai has successfully operated the snooker China Open, the Snooker Global League and the Chinese Billiards World Championship in recent years. It has accumulated technical expertise and perfection. Of competition management work experience. Gan Lianfang, President of Xingpai Group, expressed that Xingpai is the transmitter and propagandist of my country’s snooker and table tennis culture and art. From product manufacturing to competition management; from the presentation of the national standard event table to the introduction of the international event organizer; from the advocate of snooker fitness in China to the modern promoter of my country’s snooker fitness, despite the star’s role It is also constantly changing, only the “dream of Chinese billiards” will not change.

The event won the title sponsorship as the exclusive agent of Jiangxi Hongruima Seamless Steel Tube Co., Ltd. As a leading company in the Yushan seamless steel tube rolling bearing industry chain, Hongruima has confirmed the whole process of Yushan’s embrace of snooker. During the banquet, Ding Junhui, Selby, Trump, and Williams, as football players, meant that they prepared a signature billiard cue gift for Hong Ruima in advance. “Happiness” means blessing that the title sponsor company can get a bigger and better development trend. The CEO of Hongrui Horse Xu Fangqin replied with the “Amethyst Horse”, hoping that football players can take the lead and create greater glories in Yushan.

This event also won the strong support of Jiangxi Ruihua New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and demonstrated low-carbon and environmentally friendly new energy technology specific travel for the competition.

The most important concern is that the international billiards cultural industry project has been completed since the start of the league last year, and the construction has been carried out smoothly. The 2020 Snooker Global League will be moved to the new hall. According to statistics, the new project is composed of the “International Billiards Cultural City”, “Xingpai Billiards Industry Base” and “my country’s Billiards E-commerce Industry Base”. Among them, Xingpai Billiards Industry Base is the first billiard table production area to be constructed, covering an area of ​​73.4 acres and a total construction area of ​​50,200 square meters. Afterwards, other well-known billiard brand manufacturers will be introduced into the industrial park, creating an industrial chain billiard industrial zone with star pool tables as taps and billiard sticks, balls, bluestone slabs and other upstream, midstream and downstream products as supporting facilities. After the completion of the industrial base, Yushan’s billiard industry chain will transform from a single bluestone slab resource output to an industrial chain’s high-efficiency product output. It will become a global billiard manufacturing industry with a larger total area, the largest annual output value, and a leading level of production and processing. Product development management center.

There is a dream for a horse, and Yushan is beautiful for beauty; it is not for Shaohua, and the famous billiards are all Qisheng games. In the end, Sun Jusheng, deputy governor of the Jiangxi Provincial and Municipal People’s Government, announced the opening of my country’s Shangrao Yushan “Red Ruima” Cup 2018 Snooker Global League. With the opening of the game, Yushan once again stood in the management center of global billiards, with confidence and tolerance, to tell the world the classic story of my country’s grace, luxury, openness, and air.

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