The 2016 World Championships reignited the flames of war, witnessing the dream of the billiard industry into reality

In 2015, an unprecedented hurricane swept the entire sports industry violently. A series of policy documents have been issued intensively, national fitness has risen to a national strategy, Internet giants and capital from various parties have rapidly poured in… The “IP economy” of the sports industry can be described as a wave. As the top IP in the billiards field, the Chinese Billiards World Championships will reignite wars and usher in the second event, attracting the attention of 80 million billiards fans, while also demonstrating the oriental beauty of the world billiards industry.

With 80 million fans, the Chinese Billiards World Championship speaks with strength

In the past year, sports IP (Intellectural Property, intellectual property) has become a popular concept. Tencent signed the NBA’s 5-year exclusive live broadcast rights for more than 3 billion yuan, and the Chinese Super League sold 5 years of sky-high copyright fees of 8 billion yuan. Another number is subverting people’s traditional understanding of sports IP. Why did the NBA and the Chinese Super League become a billion-dollar giant IP? Of course, fans all over the world.

In the Internet era, owning users is king.

In recent years, the world’s billiard center has gradually moved eastward, and more than 30,000 billiard clubs and 80 million billiard fans in China have undoubtedly become fertile ground for the rapid development of Chinese billiards. As a sports project with independent intellectual property rights in my country, Chinese billiards, snooker and fancy nine-ball together constitute the world’s three major billiards. The first Chinese billiards World Championships started, attracting 192 domestic athletes and more than 100 international athletes. , Billiards, together with football and basketball, have become the top three in the ratings of CCTV Sports Channel.

In this era where users are king, these shining data are enough to make the Chinese Billiards World Championships become the powerful IP that the sports industry is looking forward to.

All the stars illuminate the sword together, the star effect lights up the Chinese billiards World Championships

When it comes to sports IP, one has to talk about sports stars. Competitions that fought for fame have created generations of elites on the field. It can be said that the competitions have fulfilled them, and they have made the competitions more exciting. As far as billiards are concerned, China has become the country that holds the most billiard events in the world, and this is also inseparable from the wonderful performance of billiard stars. Driven by many new billiard stars, Chinese billiards will also unveil the most glorious page in history.

It is understood that this event has been officially incorporated into the international competition system, with WPA points, the total prize money of the event is up to more than 3 million yuan, the men’s championship bonus is 600,000, and the women’s championship bonus is 400,000. By then, there will be top 128 men’s Chinese billiards from the China Billiards Association, women’s top 64 Chinese players, as well as many international players from more than 30 countries in the world who are ranked high in world professional snooker and WPA. Participate. The well-known Higgins, Ebelton, Jin Jiaying and many other world famous snookers, American billiards world famous players, and well-known Chinese players in China will all be present.

Group photo of the men’s champion, runner-up and runner-up in the first Chinese Billiards World Championship

The stars are shining and the Chinese Billiard World Championships shine brightly, allowing Chinese players to compete with the world’s top players, and at the same time make the Chinese Billiard World Championships famous all over the world. In this upcoming billiards feast, I don’t know who will become the upstart of Chinese billiards this year?

Support from all walks of life, the strongest IP drives the development of the billiard industry

The 2016 CBSA “Shangling Elevator” Cup Chinese Billiards World Championship is co-sponsored by the Small Ball Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, the Chinese Billiards Association, the Jiangxi Provincial Sports Bureau, and the Shangrao Municipal People’s Government. The Yushan County People’s Government of the Communist Party of China and Beijing Xingwei Sports Goods Co., Ltd. The contractor is the world’s top billiards event and the country’s key game, supported by the joint support of the world’s three major billiard organizations. It can be said that the Chinese Billiards World Championship is to gather the superior resources of the world billiards to play a resounding billiards IP.

The organizer—Beijing Xingwei Sports Goods Co., Ltd. is a billiard equipment manufacturing enterprise. The “Xing Brand” trademark owned by it is the world’s well-known billiard brand and the first domestic “China Well-known Trademark” in the sports field. Its products are sold all over the world; The land-Yushan, with beautiful mountains and clear waters, rich in products, is the hometown of bluestone slabs, the raw material for billiard tables, and the billiard industry chain is well-equipped.

Leaders and guests start the Chinese Billiards World Championship together

Regardless of the event specifications, event scale, star lineup, support from all walks of life, and the attractiveness of the event itself, the Chinese Billiard World Championships will undoubtedly become the strongest IP in the billiards industry, and become a rookie IP in the Chinese sports industry, driving culture with events. , Economy, to drive the industry with the brand, and to drive the country with the region, so that the billiard industry will usher in a new trend of continuing the past and opening up the future.

The GDP of China’s billiard industry has reached nearly 100 billion and is showing a good development trend. The current billiard industry chain mainly includes billiard clubs, billiard tables, and billiard personal equipment manufacturing. With the development of the billiard market and emerging Internet industries, billiard-related cultural media, event operations, O2O, education and training, examination certification, and e-commerce And other related industries are also showing a trend of rapid development. In the future, the Chinese Billiards World Championships will rely on competitions and Yushan as a base. From popular education to cultural driving, vigorously develop the billiard industry and become a new bright spot to promote economic development and cultural construction.

The 5 trillion development goal of the sports industry, witnessed by the Chinese Billiards World Championships, is moving from dreams to reality.

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