Chinese billiards win Li Hewen’s fame and fortune, enjoy super popularity and get the highest bonus

On May 27, 2012, the men’s final of the first “Star Cup” National Chinese Billiard Ranking Tournament ended. Li Hewen defeated Wang Peng 11-6 and won the championship. This time, Li Hewen can be described as a “winner of fame and fortune”. While enjoying the super popularity, he also received the most lucrative bonus since 2012.

In Zhengzhou, Li Hewen enjoys the treatment of a super star from beginning to end. As long as it is Li Hewen’s game, the table will be crowded with spectators. Every wonderful shot of Li Hewen will be exchanged for applause and cheers from the audience. Li Hewen did not disappoint the hopes of the fans, and finally won the championship in the support all the way.

It can be said that Li Hewen’s popularity in the Chinese billiards is much higher than that of the 9-ball arena. This makes Li Hewen, who has been away from Chinese billiards for a period of time, quite moved. “Maybe I used to play Chinese billiards when I did better. There are some fans, but I haven’t played Chinese billiards for some years. They can still support me when I come back. I didn’t expect this at all, and I was very moved.” Li Hewen said.

The support of the fans and his excellent performance made Li Hewen decide to participate more in Chinese billiards competitions in the future. Li Hewen said, “Before this, there were few Chinese billiards national competitions, so I played 9 balls more often this year. The Chinese Billiard Ranking Tournament started. My family advised me to participate in the competition. I didn’t expect to play Chinese billiards again. I was in a good state. With so many people supporting me, I should play more Chinese billiards competitions in the future. National Chinese Billiards Ranking Tournament. Strive to stand and participate.”

In addition to gaining popularity, Li Hewen also received a championship bonus of 50,000 yuan. Since 2012, this 50,000 yuan is the largest bonus that Li Hewen has credited in a single time. Enjoying the super popularity and reaping generous bonuses, such “fame and fortune”, I believe that in the future we will have more opportunities to appreciate Li Hewen’s wonderful Chinese billiards project.

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