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Xingpai pool table. Once upon a time, North America was also a stronghold of snooker sports. Many Canadians have made quite high achievements in the field of snooker. Among them, the most recognizable is the 1980 world champion Cliff Samben. But in North America, where sports culture often blends, the popularity of snooker seems to never go south to the United States.

In the world professional snooker circuit, Jim Lempe (Jim

Rempe) is the highest-ranked American in history, up to 101st. In the United States, the most mainstream billiard sport is American billiards, so Matchroom’s annual European and American wars-Moss

Corny Cup-only to get such a high degree of attention. But in the view of Alan Morris, managing director of the United States Snooker Association (USSA), snooker actually has a sufficient mass base in the United States.

“Snooker matches more in big cities. Players are mostly concentrated in places like New York, Chicago, California and Texas. In recent years, many snooker clubs have opened in these places.” Morris said, “New clubs. deep

is popular and crowded with players of all levels. Those who come from countries with a strong snooker foundation love it even more, and it also affects many native Taiwanese fans who are eager to learn. There is an American version of snooker, using 5

feet by 10 feet table, the blue table, the ball is a little bigger than the regular snooker, but this kind of gameplay has not been promoted. ”

“I went to Bakersfield in the north of Los Angeles to participate in a snooker exhibition. That was the first time I saw American snooker. The table and rules used were very special, which surprised me very much. The locals thought that the whole world This is how you play snooker.”

“In fact, American billiards completely crushed snooker in the United States, because this country has a long history of American billiards, and in contrast, you can play American billiards anywhere in the country.” Morris revealed, thing

In fact, snooker tables are not uncommon in the United States, but people have changed the way of playing. “In many cities, you will find snooker tables in American pool halls. Everyone uses this table to play golf. , A very stream

line of gambling games. ”

“What makes me happy is that in the past few years I have made some billiard hall owners like snooker. They want to provide customers with the best snooker experience and have bought some professional star billiards. Table. Considering the economy, a snooker table can fit two American tables, so it’s really not easy for the bosses to be willing to make these changes.”

Snooker has also set off a wave of craze in the United States. What is unexpected is that the reason why it was completely overpowered by American billiards was actually a movie. “Someone told me that snooker accumulated quite a bit in the 1960s and 1970s.

Many fans, but due to the influence of “The True Colors of Money”, American billiards became popular throughout the country in the 1980s. Such explosive development directly eliminated the snooker community. Said Morris.

The various national sports that attract Americans seem to have little connection with snooker sports, such as physical confrontation, teamwork, etc., so how should they be based in the United States? “The sports and entertainment market in the United States is relatively saturated, and many events are very

Attractive and competitive. To be fair, I think snooker will never become a major sport in the United States, but we still have very good development opportunities. “Morris said, “Recently we have 11 sports in the United States.

The    line television network has gained some exposure, which is an important measure to expand the scope of influence and accumulate viewers. I know the whole of Europe is like this. Snooker has gained a large number of loyal audiences only through the daily broadcast of European sports. ”

“Our goal of the American Snooker Association is to one day hold a World Snooker Tour, so as to attract more public attention. In discussions with Jason Ferguson (Chairman of the World Taiwan Federation), this Project let him

is very interested in giving practice. In addition to holding national championships and the USSA Tour held across the country, we also have to create more competition opportunities. Next year we will hold the qualifications for the World Seniors Championship in Houston

Event, the Pan American Snooker Championship will be held in New York in February. ”

Everything is ready. Now the United States is short of a “product line” that continuously delivers talents. In this regard, they have already seen China’s success. “The public wants to see Americans competing on the top international stage, so it is extremely important to train young people.” Morris said that he has seen the development of Chinese snooker and the gap between the United States and China in this regard. ,”we

Seeing that there are so many billiard talents in American billiards, it is necessary to create a superior snooker environment for young people to attract them. In this respect, we are far behind China, and China has begun to send many outstanding young people.

Talent, many important events have been held, which all affect more young people, making it faster and easier for them to make progress. ”

“Now, the United States has Tom Collins. He is the best American snooker player. He has won five American snooker national championships and has represented the United States in international amateur championships many times.”

The current US national snooker champion is Ahmed Ali Elsaid from New York. He won his fourth US national championship in May this year and also participated in this year’s Q

School event. In recent years, Sargon Isaac from California has also won the championship three times, and Ajya Prabakal from USSA has also won twice. Of course there are American transfers in the U.S.

Nock’s successful case, he is Corey Durr, known as the “Prince of Rods.”

Morris said: “Corey Durr successfully transitioned to snooker after winning the national championship in 2013. He is a die-hard snooker fan. He once said to me that he thinks snooker is a billiards game. One of the best

目, which greatly helped him improve his skill level. “Snooker said, “If snooker wants to take off in the United States, it must first solve a problem, that is, how do Americans perceive it, will they really delve into it, or compare it with cricket?

On, think it’s a strange British thing?”

Alan Morris

“In the past 10 years, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are actually many people who have heard of snooker. Even if they don’t understand it specifically, they at least know that it is a certain kind of billiards. Many Taiwanese fans are already better than me at the time. I understand when I heard it once

More, women players such as Alison Fisher, Kelly Fisher and Karen Cole all dominate the women’s billiards circuit with their snooker background. In the eyes of Taiwan fans, snooker is a sport that tests precision, and they also respect and recognize the technology involved. “

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