• The epidemic is ruthless, there is love in the world-Xingpai launches club care activities

    The pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus has always touched the hearts of every Chinese since its occurrence. The Party Central Committee and the State Council quickly established a working group to fight the epidemic to direct the nationwide fight against the epidemic.

    Industry information 2020年6月1日
  • 星牌俱乐部线下关怀活动圆满落幕

    自新型冠状病毒发生以来,星牌为抗击疫情做了很多贡献及努力,众多台球俱乐部也是响应国家号召,纷纷暂停营业。关键时刻,星牌与千千万万家俱乐部始终站在统一战线,等待疫情“战役”胜利的那天。 2020年2月10日,星牌开展全国范围内所有星牌俱乐部线下关怀活动,为在疫情期间积极担其社会责任的俱乐部上门免费检修…

    Enterprise trends 2019年5月29日

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